Could a PS4 and PlayStation TV bundle take out Xbox One and Apple TV at the same time?

The PS4 has sold very well so far, but Sony needs to do something to keep consumer interest strong until more AAA exclusive titles hit store shelves. It’s too early for a price drop, so hardware bundles make the most sense right now. A recent rumor has the PS4 and PlayStation TV bundled together in the UK, and this could be a sign of a number of meaningful bundles coming this year — in the UK, as well as the US and other territories.

During E3 2014, Sony’s Fergal Gara publicly shared that the PlayStation UK team might bundle the PlayStation TV with the PS4 for the British market. No promises were made, but the possibility is titillating nonetheless. Combine that potential bundle with the PS4 and PS Vita bundle we saw a few weeks back, and the story starts to get interesting. Apparently, Sony is willing to play around with different SKUs to compete with Microsoft’s addition of the $400 Kinectless Xbox One, and consumers can only benefit from these retail dealings.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1646d ago

Wow now that I thought about it, that is not a bad idea. Too bad I already purchased before, but if I had an option I would of bought this

UltimateMaster1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

PS TV Vs Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, Fire TV.

Media: The Media boxes wins over the PS TV as far as media content go.
Apple TV > PS TV
Granted, my Smart HD TV has hundreds of native apps directly built-in, so I don't need to waste money or an HDMI port on a device that already has it. (Selling mine...)

Games: That's another story. Hands down the PS TV is better, the only exception might be Amazon Fire TV, but there's nothing that left me impressed yet, they do have Double Helix.
PS TV > Fire TV > Apple TV and etc.
By Far, the PS TV has more potential. While the Memory Cards are expensive, we need to remind people that it's an actual console. With Game Cards that goes up to 4GB to put games on; it's way better than whatever limitation you have with a small built-in memory can provide.

SolidDuck1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

PS tv doesn't just play vita games tho. It will be a media player with all your netfix, hulu, and hbo go apps. But the real kicker is ps now. Which will let u stream ps3 games. For a $99 it really is the all in one box. I already have a roku 3 I really like. But anyone buying a new media box why wouldn't u get ps tv.

mcstorm1645d ago

I think the issue Sony will have is 1st of all its late to the market and its a market that a lot of devices are competing in On the Media side.

No for the games side a lot of people will again over look this device as people who want a casual gaming console but to use more for streaming ect will look at the 360 or PS3 as the back catalog is massive on both consoles and they both offer more services than PlayStation TV.

I do think the PS TV is a great idea but I don't see it selling too well just because of the way the market is now. Even if I just look in the UK you have Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, BT-TV, Freeview, Freesat and YouView that all offer some sort of onlive TV and then you also have all the games consoles, TV, DVD/BluRay Players, Tablets, Phones ect that offer these services too.

It also depends on how Sony pushes the device too but I don't see it being big in the UK anyway. I maybe wrong and I kind of hope I am as hate to see good products not do well.

miyamoto1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Sony really needs to leverage the popularity of the PlayStation brand into many of its electronics products like Apple did with the "i" branding from iPod to iOS to iPhone to iPad to the next "i" product.

Its time for Sony to specialize on its product using the uniqueness of video games and the power & popularity of the PlayStation brand that will set it apart from Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

The PlayStation Phone is long over due and needs to replace the Xperia brand. PS Phone is basically a smartphone that can also function like a PS Vita & PS Now player that can be paired with a DualShock 4 controller.

The Vaio is gone and should be replaced by the "PlayStation 4 Rig" gaming laptop basically a PS4 in laptop form factor that can be paired with a DualShock 4 controller.

The PS Vita should be a hybrid of the 3DS and the Nvidia Shield both clamshell form factor.

Its a crazy idea that just might work.

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ifistbrowni1645d ago

agreed. I dont see how it could.

ITPython1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

PSTV really isn't an Apple TV killer, nor a Roku killer, nor any of the other TV/movie/music streaming devices killer. PSTV is unique all in its own and will be revolutionizing the streaming industry to go beyond just music, movies, and TV shows... but to expand that horizon to blockbuster games previously only available on expensive gaming PC's, consoles and handhelds.

PS Now is its main selling point, which in theory can even allow access to PS4 games (and/or demos). But for now PS3/PS Vita game access is huge, especially for only $99.

PSTV is the next big "it" thing, think about when Netflix first started kind of huge. It is offering something that nobody else is, and mark my words... online streaming for games will become the 'rental' standard in a few years, just like streaming for movies/TV/music is now.

darx1645d ago

We'll see! I wouldn't bet on it that's for sure.

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iamnsuperman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Not the Xbox One and Sony needs to advertise and sort the on demand services before it takes on Apple TV (once that is sorted I can see it taking market share away from Apple TV but not totally domination since Apple has that "i" infrastructure it has built.

I could attack the family market hard though. The family market has moved to mobile gaming because it is easily accessible and cheap. Playstation TV could provide that with PS Now (especially if they get the media side sorted)

MelvinTheGreat1646d ago

No playstation tv will fail, apple is way more popular than sony and apple tv isnt even too popular

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