Just Cause Collection Only $6 on Steam For 48 Hours

Hardcore Gamer: Just Cause 2 has been out for four years now, so while it's not the newest sandbox game on the market, it is still one of the best. Why? It allows you to do pretty much whatever you want in an anarchy simulator, and it's got a free multiplayer mod update officially supported by the game and exclusive to the PC version.

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ATi_Elite1616d ago

The Just Cause 2 PC 2000 player MP Mode is worth $20 by itself.

So much Chaos So much Fun!

great deal.

crusf1616d ago

Sadly not many people are playing last time I checked. Idk why the game was hella fun lol

Plagasx1616d ago


B_Rian891616d ago

it shows as $2.99 for me

Smoovekid1616d ago

That is for just JC2 alone.

Dynasty20211616d ago

We can't guys.

PC gaming is too expensive.