Project Morpheus Felt Like Potential, Just Like PS Move

Cinelinx - "We got a chance to play Sony's new VR headset at E3. Check out our impressions about comfort, games, and how well it functions overall!

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit skeptical with VR gaming so far. I haven’t really seen anything jaw dropping and overall I’ve seen it as a fad come and go over the generations. Normally VR gaming consists of simplistic games and simplistic movement, but could Sony finally get out of that area? Well after trying their headset myself I will say that it has a lot of potential, but it still feels like a fad."

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ats19921643d ago

It has potential if sony will support it because they didn't support the PS Move and they aren't supporting the vita right now.

iamnsuperman1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

They did support both in the early days. Problem is they are both undesirable products for the mass market. Look I have both and they are both great but they have no mass appeal. The PS Move looks and plays (despite being significantly more superior) too similarly to the Wii. The Vita is the wrong product for the market. It is a beautiful piece of kit but the games for it are all wrong. The market doesn't want full console experiences on portable dedicated hardware. If the Vita was sub $100 these full experiences would be ideal (which is why I think the streaming of PS Now will take off) but the device is already expensive enough and people want something a bit different for the on the go experience.

Sony needs to avoid this with VR

LordMaim1642d ago

Interesting point, the PS Move is the perfect complement to Morpheus for manipulation of 3d objects. It's clear that was the intent for the product in the first place.

Kidmyst1642d ago

If Morpheus could be used for Blu Rays as well, I see potential in publishers having things like Multi Angle stuff in movies and specialized menu's to take advantage of VR. Image watching something like Tron and looking side to side in the Light Cycle while the movie plays.

BABY-JEDI1642d ago

Looking forward to trying Morpheus out, though I'm sold on the whole idea already. Price point next? My guess £200- 250.