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Submitted by ValKilmer 530d ago | opinion piece

The Order 1886: PS4’s Rise or PS4’s RYSE?

Hardcore Gamer: Going into the E3, it seemed The Order could be this year's big hit and a strong Game of Show contender. Going out of the show, however, The Order is now a game consumed by worry and doubt. (PS4, The Order: 1886)

ValKilmer  +   530d ago
Funny, I thought the same exact thing seeing the game demoed. I guess Sony and Microsoft aren't that different after all.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   530d ago
I hope its PS4's Rise and definitely not PS4's Ryse.
pedrof93  +   530d ago
Ryse's gameplay is bad becaus eit was bad, The Order gameplay isn't bad, simply isn't nothing new.
alexkoepp  +   530d ago
Reports of it being the most linear game ever and the fact they are reducing pixels count to achieve the graphic fidelity and calling it a "cinematic" game (smoke and mirrors) makes it not look too promising.
Conzul  +   530d ago
I expect the story and acting to elevate the game quite highly, even if the gameplay is a bit recycled. I'm not worried.
morganfell  +   530d ago | Well said
"The Order gameplay isn't bad, simply isn't nothing new."

That is an unqualified statement. One of the biggest chunks of gameplay, the investigation process, has yet to be seen.

There is a vast chasm that lies between something which has been done and something which has been done...right.
jebabcock  +   530d ago

Props for a well informed intelligent commemt as usual.
Dark11  +   530d ago
" The Order gameplay isn't bad, simply isn't nothing new."

You don't really know that for sure .. all the talk has been about graphics and the cinematic experience.

it's like they're making a movie and not game.
Sevir  +   530d ago
People want this game to fail, simply put, we get drip feed videos of 2-3 minute gameplay out of conrmtext with the story and suddenly it's they've some how seen the entire game.

Many Said the same thing about Uncharted... They even bashed The Last of Us as being an Uncharted Clone with Zombie... And then we got game of the year ... Seriously, 3rd Person Shooters are done to death, as is First person shooters. But why does something have to innovate if the mechanics are Solid abd Done Right. This isn't a run of the mill affair, Its a STORY DRIVEN cover based 3rd person shooter with with a fusion of other mechanics, all done seamlessly.

XBO trolls wants this to fail badly, and frankly, I believe the Story, The Gameplay(When People on forums actually get to play it) and the overall experience will wow everyone.

It's gonna be awesome and quite frankly I can't wait.
Bathyj  +   530d ago
Wow Alex. Grasping at straws as usual.

Reports? One guy having a whine you mean based on a 5 minute section of gameplay.

And still whining about the pixels? I thought everyone realized by now the pixel density was the same as 1080p meaning if you had 50k pixels in a square inch of screen on a 1080p game, you would have 50k pixels in The Order. The picture quality is not compromised at all, it just has black bars.

In fact its using a AA solution you will rarely see on other console games, maybe never on Xbone. Stop trying so hard. I cant believe an Xbox fanboy has the gall to play the smoke and mirrors card.
morganfell  +   530d ago
I would suggest that those only viewing the game from youtube and a hope for failure consider this:

"To 1080p or not to 1080p: that is not the question for Ready At Dawn's PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886. Running at a 1920x800 resolution in 2.40:1 aspect ratio, the game is presented like a film, with horizontal black bars running across the top and bottom of the screen. In an age where resolution is a selling point, is Ready At Dawn selling themselves short by giving up valuable real estate?

The short answer: No. The longer answer: In fact, it may even be better.

The television used to demo the game was the same size as those used for other titles at the Sony booth, yet The Order felt larger. My vision felt stretched to the periphery, so much so that it became hard to focus on anything but the game. It's a very strange sensation, almost like being in an enclosed space or using multiple computer monitors to give a greater field of view.

There will no doubt be a limit to this effect - I wouldn't expect to feel the same way if I were sitting farther away from the screen - but standing in the "sweet spot" gave me a sense of being surrounded by "Neo-Victorian" London and her inhabitants."
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Kribwalker  +   530d ago
Ryse wasn't actually that bad of a game. The story was great, and the graphics were fantastic, the game got a little repetitive but all hack n slash games get like that, I had to stop halfway through god of war 2 when I was playing the collection because it was to stale to play all at once. The order is full of QTE's, I'm sure it will be fun in it's own way, and if I have my ps4 by then I might be interested in checking it out, but I'm prolly waitin till UC4 for that one
Destrania  +   530d ago

Nice article, I haven't read that one yet. Makes me even more hyped to experience The Order. Can't wait.

Also, the demo they showed during Sony's conference with the half-breed was really awesome imo. Really enjoyed the intensity and feel of fear. The tightness of the space and the great visuals really added to that effect. I could see the emotion on the characters and it was well acted. Loved it. Can't wait to see more gameplay leading up to release (or not because I want to be more surprised when I buy it, which I know I will)
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XiNarutoUzumaki  +   530d ago
I see people are having a bad perception about graphics and gameplay nowadays. Jaw-dropping graphics don't degrade gameplay. I dunno where this idea came from.

Many people judges The Order based on vague gameplay footages. The game doesn't look that boring to me. Same with Ryse.
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ValKilmer  +   530d ago
The problem is that the gameplay isn't good regardless of how the graphics are. If this looked like a PS2 game, the gameplay still wouldn't be good.

Same with Ryse.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   530d ago

How do you know? It's a 3rd person game, and it looks less twitchy than other shooters. i don't think that's a bad thing. RaD is trying to make an unique shooter.

Even the latest gameplay video looks fluid and seamless. I doesn't look that bad.
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dboyc310  +   530d ago
The story in The order looks a lot more promising than the one in Ryse. To start it off the name isn't even spelled correctly
harrisk954  +   530d ago

I agree. No one complained about Uncharted 1-3 or The Last of Us, all of which have won more Game of the Year awards than almost any other games in history. They are linear story-driven games. You don't ever deviate from the story -- they are interactive movies, if you will. Why The Order is getting slammed for this is beyond me. Double standard.
Why o why  +   530d ago
There is no knowledge in his speak, only projections. I do remember seeing similar about many games of last gen. . Some turned out to be the game of that respective year. . It can go both ways but some just have the need to be negative. Way of the world I guess.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   528d ago
Naruto, most of the time you can be an absolute idiot but this I have agree see anyone can make smart comment once in a while so Naruto, here's you bubble and your Kunai:)
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LightDiego  +   530d ago
They could create a crossover with The Order :1886 and Ryse, maybe next year Assassin's Creed?
CERN  +   530d ago
The problem I found with Ryse is that it's very boring and repetitive. After awhile you just don't wont to play it anymore. The order 1886 is also a linear game but the difference is that it's a story based game. It's one of the main reasons l loved Uncharted so much. The story alone will make you want to complete the game. Can't wait for the sequel.
elninels  +   530d ago
It'll probably be more like sony's ryse. Im kinda ok with that, im always loving third person cover shooters.


Anyone else wish that ghost recon future soldier still had an active online community? I missed objective passed tactical play; im hoping rainbow 6 (whenever it comes) will help, but I want that precision third person cover ish man. The competitive online scene was great for like a year then died.
ChaosKnight  +   530d ago
At least it looks bloody amazing. That has to count for something, right?
gameon1985  +   530d ago
only if you are easily entertain.
lets_go_gunners  +   530d ago
That article title is a win. We'll see, like everyone I agree the setting is amazing however....The gameplay shown seems uninspired. They have time, wolfenstein was said to be boring the first time they showed it off now everyone loves it so..GL bruh!
Speak_da_Truth  +   530d ago
All i'll say is lets wait and see if it is truly as boring as these ppl claim i for one am picking up this bad boy day one.
DanaBlack  +   530d ago
It's a shame this game isn't co-op or online, it could have easily implemented but I can't wait to get my hands on this game
azricf  +   530d ago
The PS4 will RISE higher than my agree bar!
Rogert  +   530d ago
Are the three partners you have always A.I. controlled or will there be some form of Co-Op?
ats1992  +   530d ago
Nope its a single player game.
0P-Tigrex  +   530d ago
I can see The Order:1886 doing much better than Ryse in terms of story/graphics/ gameplay/ and sales. Ryse had a lot of QTE's that became boring throughout the entire game and story was bland and unoriginal. Ryse felt severely repetitive and acted like a tech demo towards the Xbox One more than anything.

Who walked away from Ryse game was epic<no one.
Lawboy2  +   530d ago
Actually a lot of ppl....opinions everyone has them
GGeasy  +   530d ago
I really liked Ryse, and thought the first time through was amazing.
GundalfDeGrej  +   530d ago
I'm still waiting to see what more the Order has to offer other than tight corridor third person shooting. What they showed at E3 was a good start but I can't say I'm a fan of the scripted nature of it all. I'm guessing a lot of people WILL like it though.

Nevertheless, this game has way more potential than what Ryse had and I hope it turns out great in the end. I just wish there would be more articles about the gameplay instead of the graphics!
McScroggz  +   530d ago
At this point I can't say this comparison is completely unfair. What I will say is that with Ryse, we knew it was going to be a third person action game with barebones mechanics and disguised QTE's. With The Order, there is still a reasonable chance that there is a fun third person shooter. I know there are really interesting guns as well as some survival/horror parts of the game. So, while Ryse was little more than a repetitive graphics showcase, The Order does have a chance to be more.

Granted, The Order might also end up being a repetitive graphics showcase.

At the moment, I'm cautiously optimistic. The graphics are beautiful and the atmosphere is thick. I think the story will be at least pretty good, with the chance to be really interesting. As I said there are cool guns, at least in design, that may make combat fun the way some of the more unique guns have made other shooters better (Boltgun from Killzone, Torquebow from Gears of War, Auger from Resistance, etc.). Don't get me wrong, I am concerned the current basic gunplay mechanics aren't up to par at the moment, but I'm hoping the extra time helps.

And then there are the potentially awesome survival/horror moments in the game. I really hope Ready at Dawn pull these off.

So why I understand why many are skeptical, my self in a way, I do hope people give the game a fair shot. Maybe it will suck. But maybe it will be awesome.
Morgue  +   530d ago
I honestly don't get how people who haven't played the game and have just watched videos are commenting on a demo that somebody else played and basing their comments off of the article and the writers opinion.

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AussieBadger  +   530d ago
When this game comes out I shall see how good it is. Until then 'here's hoping'.
tdogg  +   530d ago
so many cry babies about this game. it looks fantastic and i do think it will blow the critics away. no matter the review im going to play and judge this game myself the same way i did with ryse and enjoyed it
averagejoe26  +   530d ago
Comparing this to Ryse? Are you dumb? or just blind? or both?...not sure which one

I'm really having a hard time telling if people are just Xbox fanboys or are actually dumb...when trying to make statements based on little to no facts

Let the game be released first, THEN critique it...stop making judgements based on tiny video/gameplay experiences of Alpha gameplay
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GGeasy  +   530d ago
LOL your last statement is sooooo hypocritical. Everyone judged Ryse when it was shown at E3, and they didn't play it at all. Everyone on N4G was totally out against Ryse long before it was released, so to condemn "Xbox fanboys" for thinking the game is just like
Ryse is unfair.
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MasterCornholio  +   530d ago
I would never compare Ryse with the Order as they are completely different games.

P.S This Butt Ryse thing has to stop. Some people are even comparing it to Uncharted 4 which is leagues ahead of it.
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GGeasy  +   530d ago
They'r comparing it to Ryse for the focus on graphics, cinematic feel(QTE), and linear game play. Or at least that's how i compare the two games alike.
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corvusmd  +   530d ago
This game looks amazing visually, based on the little we have seen, the gameplay doesn't look groud breaking...and based on closed door previews..there have been viewers that came back and said that it was the most linear game they had ever seen.

THAT BEING SAID...there have been several times when a reviewer said something about a game and I disagreed both ways...for and against. SO take those with a grain of salt. The first closed door demo got a lot of negative feedback, but it appears that they took it to heart, cause then they delayed the game...and hopefully fixed those issues. Comparing this game to Ryse provides some legit comparisons, but at the same time they are different games. Both a gorgeous looking third person games, from the sounds of it, Ryse sounds like it might be SLIGHTLY less linear (but we'll have to wait to see of course), both games have QTE elements, however it appears that the Order QTEs are mandatory not to die, where as the Ryse ones were optional in order to perform a special kill move.

I'm not really sure how someone can say that one game's gameplay is utter crap while the other is great (esp since one isn't even out yet). There is a different setting, and one is darker than the other, but other than that it's just swords vs guns. I'm sure that both games will have their merits, but when I see someone assume that Ryse makes me think you didn't play may not have been your cup of tea...I typically don't like linear games either, but even not being a linear game fan...I loved it. The story and voice acting was great, it looked fantastic, slashing around all the time does get somewhat repetative, but it was still enjoyable enough that I liked playing it. In some ways it reminded me of TLoU. Great story and voice acting, the gameplay was good, but more of just a tool to get from cutscene to cutscene, and both games were gorgeous considering their constraints (TLoU being on PS3 and Ryse being a Launch title).
OsirisBlack  +   530d ago
Your comment could not be more incorrect. Everyone that was able to see the behind doors preview came away with their jaw on the ground and this was a result of that exhibition

It is amazing to me how people only push the bad news about this game and none of the praise. Seems very fishy.
Lawboy2  +   530d ago
Why do ppl hate ryse so much...Most ppl have never even played ryse just going off of what other ppl have said...i generally try not to judge games i haven't played...including ryse...and the same goes with the order
OsirisBlack  +   530d ago
When this game is released there will not be a single crow in the skies. I cannot wait for this games release.
Minute Man 721  +   530d ago
Day 1 for me, I'll be the judge
Dynasty2021  +   530d ago
1920x800. 25% less pixels than 1920x1080.

The "cinematic FPS" is quite possibly the biggest load of crap I've heard in gaming.

This is nothing but "we couldn't make the game run faster than 30 FPS", and proves the PS4 lacks power. How do you compensate? Lower the resolution is the easiest method to get a better FPS.

There is absolutely no debating this.

But blind and arrogant console owners will continue to do so.

The fact that PS4 owners are "happy" with 30 FPS or less is just ridiculous fanboyism.

The PS4 is being proven to be underpowered time after time.

It's not even 900p and they can't get 30 FPS, with graphics we've had for years.
#20 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OsirisBlack  +   529d ago
Ok so as a blind and arrogant console owner I want you to find one game that looks better and runs smoother than the Order 1886 and Uncharted 4. Even on PC I will wait.

That is an in game shot not pre rendered cut scene that is your character model..... again ... I will wait. I wont hold my breath.

I also own a serious gaming rig but have to say your post is the main reason most people think PC gamers are arrogant jerks.

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