E3 2014 | Tom Clancy’s The Division Keeps Getting Better

Tom Clancy’s The Division had some amazing gameplay footage shown at E3′s this year. Ubisoft highlighted some of the amazing features the game has in store for us and really shed some light on the highly anticipated game.- The Game Fanatics

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Septic1640d ago

As good as The Division looks, I wasn't wowed by it at this year's E3 as I was last year. Anyone else feeling the same way?

Maybe its because I'm skeptical of possible downgrades or whatever, but the shooting elements didn't look as unique as I initially thought and the exploration bits, although decent, weren't as deep or engrossing as I thought.

Mind you, I'm only basing this on the new gameplay trailer. I had this image in my head of desperately scouring places for supplies like water and being affected by hunger and thirst.

I would love a true survival game in this vein, but with a focus on surviving, keeping war, looking for rations, sharing with mates etc.