Why Devil's Third Revival Was My Favorite E3 Moment

Hardcore Gamer: This isn't the first time that Nintendo came to the rescue of a promising IP and saved it from the cruel fate of becoming dormant. They've saved the day once more, and not only is the project back on track, but it’s got an all new look and direction which looks more impressive than the original Xbox 360/PS3 build.

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ValKilmer1646d ago

It was a huge shock, that's for sure. Also could be the shot in the arm Nintendo needs with mature games, as it certainly wasn't Zombi U.

lilbroRx1646d ago

They have Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade X for that.

ZoidsRaven1646d ago

The game looks good, but I feel it could use a lot more work.

randomass1711646d ago

How dare you Nintendo! How dare you steal this game away from the rest of the innocent gamers! Shame on you. >:(

Jk, Nintendo was awesome for keeping this alive.

KonsoruMasuta1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I love announcements like these because of the delicious tears they produce! When Bayonetta 2 was announced as an exclusive, there were so many fanboy tears!

This announcement may not have produced as many tears as Bayonetta but the tears were just as delicious.

randomass1711646d ago

Pfft, I ain't crying. I'll have the best of both worlds once I get a PS4. Sony and Nintendo console exclusives are allllll mine! :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago

Being a multiplatform gamer has the additional perk of reducing the number of tears shed over exclusives.XD

Army_of_Darkness1646d ago


Got a lil' kinky fetish for fanboy tears eh?? Lol

NixonMonoxide1646d ago

Fanboy tears? LMAO, I feel really bad for P*, because BAYONETTA 2's pretty much doomed itself to even worse sales than the first game, due to Nintendo exclusivity.

I liked the first title, but I sure as hell won't get a Wii U for it. Lemme see which decent action titles did well on Nintendo consoles recently....

Madworld - Nope
No More Heroes - Nope
Red Steel 2 - Nope
Batman Arkham City - Lmao certainly not
NG3 - Razor's Edge - Nope

Bayonetta2?....... Good bloody luck

Inevitable multi-plat port with extra content on the way. Especially with the high chance this crashes & burns in the sales dept.

KonsoruMasuta1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


You know there is not chance of a Bayonetta 2 multi-plat port, right? Nintendo is not only publishing it, they are funding all of it's development.

Platinum play no part in it except for developing it. Nintendo pays for it, they market it, they publish it, and they decide where it goes. It doesn't matter if Bayonetta sells 2 copies, Platinum won't be effected because Nintendo paid for it's development and paid them in advance. Nintendo's money is the only money going into the project. Bayonetta could tank and it won't effect Platinum at all.

It's alright though. Just keep crying those delicious tears.

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animegamingnerd1646d ago

yeah with this and Bayonetta 2 its nice seeing Nintendo rescue cancelled or on the verge of cancellation games

wonderfulmonkeyman1646d ago

I hope Nintendo continues to scoop up third party exclusives like this.
They can't rely on people like Bethesda and EA to give them good games consistently since all they'd ever do is ports, if anything at all, so getting unique exclusives from other sources is the better deal.

randomass1711646d ago

They're definitely gonna. They already said they would have more third party partnerships and they need the support.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1646d ago

I was more shocked about how bad it looked. It's as if Itagaki didn't even finish working on it. He probably took most of the money for the game and went to go get drunk.

NixonMonoxide1646d ago

Indeed it does man. I'll stick to Ninja Gaiden.
The game looks & plays shockingly horribly.

herbs1645d ago

I feel like this game has potential but its looking seriously dated and buggy. Personally was more impressed with the trailer from 3 years ago.

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