Dragon Ball Xenoverse Producer Interview

The interview talks about the game being focused on the Dragon Ball world this time.

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tayz1640d ago

this might be the best DBZ game ever!

PositiveEmotions1640d ago

Nothing new on the interview tho accept the no cut scenes thing.

Deadpool6161640d ago

The constant rock/paper/scissors cut scenes pissed me off. I don't mind a few seconds to emphasize that a signature move is happening or an ULTRA Finisher is about to decimate your opponent, but other than that it shouldn't be in EVERY segment of the fight. It kept the game from being competitive and made it a guessing game mid battle. I'm glad they're eliminating it.

DarkBlood1640d ago

Havent bought a dbz game since raging blast 2 looks like ill pick this up for the ps4

MasterD9191640d ago

Can't wait for this. I'm getting back into DBZ all over again.

SegaGamer1639d ago

From what i have seen of the gameplay it is just the same thing all over again.