DICE: Battlefield Hardline beta will come to Xbox One

If you're feeling left out of the current Battlefield Hardline beta, don't be: there'll be a version coming to Xbox ahead of the game's arrival in stores, containing content that's different from the one currently being played on PC and PS4.

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dirigiblebill1639d ago

Hope it gets a different map, though it would be useful to compare how each version performs on the same map.

venom061639d ago

cant wait for this on the XBOX 1... its fun as hell on the PC at the moment.. lovin it.. wayy more fun than BF4's beta..

famoussasjohn1639d ago

From what they've said, it will be a different map. It won't be much of a beta as it will be coming pretty close to the launch date.

mcstorm1639d ago

Cool but I think im giving the YOY games a rest for a bit now. BF4 looks nice but it was still more or les the same as BF3 but with broken servers. The next few years for me is about console exclusives me things. Hope they correct what was wrong with BF4 though.

itisallaboutps1639d ago

Im skipping it too. Sure they fixed the problems with bf4 a year after release. And sure hardline might be actually working on release. But i wont forget how incosiderate they were with bf4. Rubberbandin, disconnections, crashes on every console and horrible hit detection. I CANT BELEIVE I PAID 40 DOLLARS FOR DLC EITHER Among every other of my friends. Corporations are always trying to make money. They have that product that was cheap to make and has high profit returns. In a shoe store those are socks or insoles. In the game industry those are season passes.

mcstorm1639d ago

I agree I bought BF4 on the xbox one for £55 plus the DLC for £40 as I am going digital this gen and ive not played the games since Feb. I was waiting for Titanfall but loved BF3 so thought ide grab BF4 for the new gen and it was not worth the £85 I spent.

Are well we all do things like this in life at some point but as I say YOY games are out for me for a few years now as there is more fun looking 1st party games on all 3 consoles to keep me happy.