Ready At Dawn Director Talks The Order 1886 Destructibility, Linear Narrative, Sequels, and More

Nerdacy: "Ready At Dawn was at E3 2014 showing off their upcoming PS4 game, The Order 1886, and after my time with the game I spoke very briefly with Director of Operations Marc Turndorf about the game’s linear narrative, destructibility, DLC, and more. See what he had to say below."

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XiSasukeUchiha946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Order 1886: Will truly be a good game that everyone can enjoy and realism will be awesome, and the scariness is over 1 million!


I am drunk bro!?

guyman946d ago

You said it right, my drunk friend

Erik1223946d ago ShowReplies(1)
WeAreLegion945d ago

What in God's name are you on?

Rickgrimes95945d ago

"The scariness is over 1 million!"

Ummmm what does that even mean?

modesign945d ago

the dude is scared of the dark.

kayoss945d ago

Its equilvalent to dragonballz power level but in terms of scariness.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Do you ever sleep? You're worse than lukas. @the drunk guy up top.

bleedsoe9mm945d ago

watching them fire grenades into boxes and it having no effect is weird in a game that looks that good .

3-4-5945d ago

This just seems like a game that already has a sequel in mind, but that is also a good thing.

I think we hear about a sequel at E3 2015.

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pyramidshead945d ago

I can see this selling well despite the amount of flack it gets from fanboys. It was cleaning up something fierce at E3 with awards. Not that they mean a whole lot, but still, must be doing something right.

OsirisBlack945d ago

LOL you got disagrees for telling the truth

Oh look awards hes telling the truth.

The behind closed door event was said to be spectacular.

pyramidshead945d ago

Haha yep, see there you go :). Good effort to the guys/girls at RAD!

What's this behind closed doors event you speak of? :O

OsirisBlack945d ago


They talk about the closed door demo.

MasterCornholio945d ago

Game looks great.

They deserve it.

user5669510945d ago

Flack I heard nothing but praise about this game. You must mean constructive criticism or just not being over hyped like fan boy without seeing much of the game. Can't wait to see more but that usually comes close to released

pyramidshead945d ago

You haven't heard hard enough then.

whothedog945d ago

The more I see and hear, the more I want.

skydragoonity945d ago

This game is a first of its kind. Anticipating


What do you mean first of it's kind?

I mean yes it looks good, but what is it doing as a first that nothing else has done?

user5669510945d ago

I'm also curious by what he mean

incredibleMULK945d ago

Make multiplayer and campaign co op please.

Elvis-20945d ago

hopefully they do, but most likely in a DLC, or a future sequel.

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