FML Gamer Episode 4: Respect Women Gamers

It's time for the next episode of FML Gamer: Respect Women Gamers

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knifefight1644d ago

"Starring me, Drago1983."'s hard for me to take it seriously when the guy uses a screen name instead of his real name in a podcast. Starting out on the defensive also felt weird to me.

I respect the effort and support the cause, but I don't think he's helping. =/

ftwrthtx1644d ago

I'll pass along that note. He's fairly new at this. Thanks for the input.

Septic1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I don't get articles, podcasts and blogs like this. Respect women gamers? Of course. Respect them just as much as everyone else. Why single female gamers out though?

dbjj120881644d ago

Games are the great equalizer!

ftwrthtx1644d ago

Talking smack to a girl, then getting your butt handed to you by said girl, is the great equalizer. LOL

Geekman1644d ago

I do! When I pwn my sister in Mario Kart, I'm doing it with RESPECT!

In all seriousness, though, enough with the "female gamers aren't gamers" garbage. There are PLENTY of girls who game just as much if not more than I do. (And that's saying alot.)

ftwrthtx1644d ago

There's a difference between gloating when you win and gloating at someone disparaging their sex when you win.

DCfan1644d ago

i thought it was FEMALE gamers.