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HG: Natural Doctrine is a strategy roleplaying game and PS4's first JSRPG, but not just a typical SRPG. In fact, when we sat down with NIS America during E3, they briefed us a bit more on the title, calling it a mash-up of XCOM: Enemy Territory's gameplay and the inherent challenge found in something like Dark Souls.

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ValKilmer1468d ago

FINALLY, we get some hardcore Japanese games on the PS4.

Beetey1468d ago

Unfortunately, all the reviews I've seen so far have hated it.

ValKilmer1468d ago

Well, they've tweaked a bit bringing it over to the states. They've added an easier mode so it's more accessible.

Beetey1467d ago

That's good to hear anyway.

DCfan1467d ago

Who cares about reviews?
Mugen Souls is another game that NISA brought over to the states that got crapped on critically, but i loved it

LightofDarkness1467d ago

Enemy Within/Unknown, chief. Enemy Territory is a very different game.

joab7771467d ago

I want this game. Though permadeath in a rpg is quite insane!!

I so wanted to see a alkyria chronicles announcement this yr., but this will definitely do. I cant wait!!!

Bhuahahaha1467d ago

a game that throws tons of baddies at a players to accomplish its level of challenge. No, instead it demands a keen mind —> someone who can adapt to a combat situation on the fly and strategize several moves ahead of the present one <-

now i want it even more. you'll actually gonna use tactics in a tactical game not just go to the traditional route of just power gear your toons and power lv it and you'll be ok thinggy

MeteorPanda1467d ago

l' not ready for this game..but l want it!

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