Jimquisition Diversity? LIEversity

Alternate title could have easily been, "The continued owning of Ubisoft by the righteous James Sterling and anybody with a bloody working brain in their head."

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GribbleGrunger1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

In Ubisoft's defence, if the game is story driven and centres around a male protagonist then I can fully agree that switching for a female wouldn't make sense and would waste resources. We don't complain because Drake can't be played as a woman or Lara Croft can't be played as a man, so why do we complain when the character we play in Assassins Creed can't be played by a woman when the whole story is about a Go damn MALE. I love James Sterling but I feel he's being a little harsh here and accidentally jumping on a bandwagon with this.

However, what I can agree with is that they shouldn't use excuses. Instead of giving us reasons that may or may not be connected in some way to the reason, simply tell it as it is: 'Our story centres around a male character, so therefore the story would not make sense if you could play as a female.'

randomass1711641d ago

Really the only thing I noticed about the Unity assassin's is that they appear to be interchangeable with minor color palette swaps for their designs. This could be because we only scratched the surface of the game and Ubisoft did not focus enough on the characters. We don't know yet if their gender play ANY role in the story and I don't think we'll find out until the game comes out.

cl19831641d ago

Except you have the option to play with other people whom aren't the lead character.

That would negate the story is about this dude, at least as far as multiplayer goes.

randomass1711641d ago

I didn't even know that. If that's the case, then yeah, the excuse is bogus, at least as far as being about relegated to just male characters. rdgneoz3's comment below mine also brought up a good point about how there are female characters who can perform assassin type moves in the multiplayer mode. If they can do it in competitive multiplayer, they probably have the means to do it in co-op.

ZombieGamerMan1641d ago

@ GribbleGrunger his rants against Unity isn't the lack of a female character but that Ubisoft is quick to dismiss the notion of an optional female character and using straw man excuses to why they don't have a female character option.

Enigma_20991641d ago

Tweaking the dialogue of the game ever so slightly and using a female voice actor could easily disprove your argument. Unless the story HEAVILY includes bits where the protagonist absolutely HAS to be a man. Like say for instance, the player has to **** a woman up the *** with his ****. That's something you can't do with a woman protagonist. Other than that, the only excuse they can give that I would 100% believe would be "look, we just don't want to."

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randomass1711641d ago

I hate to say it but Jim Sterling has a point... Assassin's Creed is one of the biggest blockbuster franchises in this industry. If they are omitting female playable characters, it cannot be because it is too expensive to do it, especially when they did it once before. That all said, having a playable female protagonist should be secondary to gameplay. It would be nice if such a feature could be added in through a post launch update or patch to satisfy disappointed fans because there are clearly people who want it, but if the story is designed specifically around having four male characters, then the point is moot.

rdgneoz31641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

The AC vita game had a female protagonist, don't remember it being highly regarded. It's also part of Black Flag as well, but no one mentions it really.... And as for females being playable, the pvp matches have had female characters in it.

Poor excuse for given, but the co-op players are just different skins of the same guy...

SpiralTear1641d ago

It might not have been highly regarded, but I honestly don't think it was because of Aveline's character. She was a MUCH better character than Connor. I wish they kept her around instead of giving her a lackluster Vita game and leaving her behind.

I don't think Ubisoft had any obligation to have female characters in the game. It's their game, so if they want to have just four guys in the squad, that's their right to do it.

The real problem was their excuse that it was essentially too much work, because let's face it, that's not at all true.

RAAMzilla1641d ago

Boob physics can't be that expensive.

FantasyStar1641d ago

I really do not care about the issue about women and stuff; watching this video further adds to my apathy for the subject because it fails to address the issue: "why does it matter?"

ZombieGamerMan1641d ago

Because there's a clear demand for female characters and Ubisoft admits to not wanting to bother with adding a female character for a game that could easily have a female character as an option.

FantasyStar1641d ago

The lack of split-screen in a clearly cooperative game is something I'd love to hop-on in this generation of gaming. This issue over gender is not that big of a deal.

randomass1711641d ago

I'm generally indifferent on the matter as well, but keep in mind the context of Sterling's video. This is not about social issues and it's not about women in video games. It's ACTUALLY about Ubisoft and how they are either lying and are fully capable of putting a female character in the game like other developers before them or their way of doing things is archaic and expensive and is preventing them from satisfying their audience demanding this.

FantasyStar1641d ago

If I was doing this video, I would have looked at the lack of split-screen for this game and use that as a basis for my argument. This video only serves to make him look like a white-knight and by polarizing himself; he automatically alienates part of his viewers(like myself) who are trying to get away from this nonsense. I'm not defending that Ubisoft is guilty of cutting corners at times, but he could do better in this video.

coolbeans1640d ago


"If I was doing this video, I would have looked at the lack of split-screen for this game and use that as a basis for my argument."

That wouldn't be the same because Ubisoft didn't purposefully present overexaggerated pleas for the lack of its inclusion like they did this women question. Just because it happens to start its basis on the "where's the female..." shouldn't automatically make him out to be "white-knighting" again.

Baccra171641d ago

I rather have more mixed people. I have seen more women in games then I have mixed people- that's real diversity. This is just pc police being pc police and Ubi being afraid of a catch 22 of having a female assassin in the game.

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