Bloodborne is the hardcore action-RPG the PS4 so desperately needs

GameZone: "The stuttering framerate, wonky camera angles and lack of UI certainly didn’t make Bloodborne appear any easier, but it’s clear that even when the game is polished it will prove difficult. Would FromSoftware fans have it any other way? Granted this sort of challenging action-RPG is niche, but it’s a niche that the PS4 desperately needs to fill. Not only does Bloodborne give the PS4 a game that will appeal to “hardcore” gamers, but it’s also exclusive which means it could encourage new system sales."

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GribbleGrunger1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

What is it with these headlines? Why does the PS4 'so desperately' need an action RPG? It makes it sound like the PS4 is struggling to sell. It's not even been out for a full year yet and suddenly it 'so desperately needs' *insert hyperbole*. The XB1 doesn't 'so desperately need' anything either.

What this console generation 'so desperately need' is rational thinking from both fans and games journalists. Wait two years and THEN start thinking in these terms for goodness sake.

pabsis1640d ago

hehehe... you called him a game journalist... hehehe

SpinalRemains1381640d ago

Fog gates and jagged steel, along with decrepit enemies and lonely landscapes make for an epic AAA adventure.