Halo: The Master Chief Collection Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

According to the GameStop listing for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, gamers are going to be treated to a special pre-order bonus skull that will give gamers the upper hand during intense firefights throughout Master Chief's four game adventure.

The skull is called "Bandana" and it will give players unlimited ammo and grenades for all four games. This is going to make "Legendary" difficulty seem like a breeze, since you won't have to hunt down ammo or a new guns to try and stay alive.

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qzp1644d ago

"we polished up old games" = win e3? Not really dude. People didn't like halo 4 so who knows if 5 will be any better.

0P-Tigrex1644d ago

If anything 5 will be narrative driven.(Which isn't a bad thing)

But the Multiplayer tho?
Doesn't seem like the core halo community will like this.

BattleAxe1644d ago

I would say that regardless of the fact that these are older games, the Master Chief Collection was the best announcement at E3.

Four games with over 100+ multiplayer maps...As a SOCOM fan, I wish Sony would have come out with something like this. SOCOM fans were asking for almost the exact same thing last generation with Socom1,2,3 & CA.

Having all four of those games with all of the multiplayer maps would be better than most of what Sony announced at E3.

Steelmanner1644d ago

People didn't like Halo 4? Are you serious? Personally I have over 200 hours into the game. Also, the average review of the game ranged from 9.0-9.5. Microsoft sold over 9 million copies of the game, which is right around where most Halo games are. In addition, 343 put a strong amount of DLC into the game, and overall did a fantastic job continuing the story and gameplay of the Halo series. If Halo 5 does anything like Halo 4, it is going down the right path.

As for "polishing," the also don't seem to grasp that. The comparison between the anniversary edition of Halo 2 and the original is stunning. The new graphics are honestly mind blowing. Also, this bundle will allow every halo to be played on the Xbox One, Including MULTIPLAYER! Every map, every gun, every vehicle, and all the fun. What's not to be excited for. I wasn't even considering an Xbox One because I transitioned to PC, but now I may need to rework my finances.

CerebralAssassin1644d ago

They polished up great old games. Master chief won because they delivered. Halo 4 a disappointment in the multiplayer but the story was awesome. I can only hope they learn from their mistake in the multi and capitalize on it. They way the game was set up, there wasnt really a need for a "race to the power weapons" mentality. DMR did enough damage as it is.

STICKzophrenic1644d ago


"People didn't like Halo 4?"

People seemed to like the campaign, which is solid and the best looking Halo game, but multiplayer is pretty bad and the player counts are incredibly low. Even before new-gen consoles released, people weren't playing the mp.

qzp1644d ago

how can halo win e3 when Microsoft didn't?

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kratoz12091644d ago

In that case
The last of us wins goty again

0P-Tigrex1644d ago

Halo hasn't won an official GOTY award except Halo:Combat Evolved back in 2001. 7_7

Steelmanner1644d ago

Doesn't make it a bad game.

marlinfan101644d ago

i don't think TLOU and HMCC can even be compared. one is a remake of games ranging over 10 years old with every multiplayer map made and all the campaigns on one disk vs a single game that was released a year ago

Illusive_Man1644d ago

TLOU might have won GOTY but the Halo Universe is an Undisputable Classic.

0P-Tigrex1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Ehhh..1-3 trilogy, yeah i'll agree with that. Reach and 4, idk.

Deathly_Grin1644d ago

"The skull is called “Bandana” and it will give players unlimited ammo and grenades for all four games."

Nice little Metal Gear Solid reference.

chobit_A5HL3Y1644d ago

i thought that was a reference to rambo...

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