Batman Arkham: Knight New Leaked Info Surfaces About Nightwing

"Did a developer accidentally reveal the true identity of Arkham Knight?"

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XiSasukeUchiha1642d ago

Nightwing is a cool character in the Batman universe so I can't wait to play as him.

Chat371642d ago

Oh yes he did and he mentioned to take down the bat so Nightwing is possibly a villain

OpieWinston1642d ago

Did he meant to say Arkham Knight when he got mixed up?

Either way I'm super pumped for Arkham Knight...My money is on it being Jason not Dick.

Yi-Long1642d ago

Same here. Always thought it was Jason when the first info/pics about the Arkham Knight came out.

TrollingKoala1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Even though Jason/Red Hood is a good bet am i the only one that thinks he has had little to no introduction to the Arkham series (and this is the last, at least by Rocksteady anyway), so maybe the "Arkham Knight" is someone that has been badly affected by Batman's actions in the past (I know that sounds like Jason) that hasn't been mentioned and this particular person suits up as a dark reflection of Batman to torment and prove that he is better then the Batman? just a theory.