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The_Sneauxman1640d ago

This kind of sucks for me because I dismantled all of my 8> gear for a cash grab :(

Stapleface1640d ago

What was the point of that? There is nothing to buy with that cash.. The things that could be bought that would be better than your level 8 gear is over level 8 and can't be used anyway..

3-4-51640d ago

Maybe they never played Borderlands before though.


At that Cryptographer or whatever you can buy bunches of the items whether they are over-leveled to increase the shop rank, then he deciphers better stuff (some pretty good ones, and whatever you can't use dismantle for money and keep trying).

Soldierone1640d ago

Should have went to the tower to store it. Bungie keeps hinting that storage will carry over to the game, or at least the beta.

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Mikelarry1640d ago

woohoooo i really enjoyed the alpha

Crazyglues1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Me too, couldn't get my friend that I play with all the time in / which really sucks... Especially because the alpha was so awesome..

I tired and tried to find an extra key for him, but no luck..

-And now that it's been extended it's really going to burn- Wish I could have got one more key*

The game is so awesome, I decided to get this over BF Hardline.. (This game is just too awesome) Loving it.

||.........___||............ ||

Mikelarry1640d ago

i have had to go it solo and make new friends on there as my friends are only interested in COD and although i will get cod i think i will get more enjoyment from this due to the variety of things to do in this game.

inveni01640d ago

They sent me two keys. Well, one from Bungie, and one from Amazon. So I gave a key to my cousin. But he was never online with me. :( I did get to play with a couple strangers, though, and it was pretty fun. I enjoy the exploration much more, however.

Mr-Dude1640d ago

You can share your account with him... I do this with my best friend. We buy games together and share it. It isn't illegal. It is the same as on ps3

AAWELLS091640d ago

He can easily get one by preordering on Amazon. When you preorder on Amazon you don't have to put any money down until the game releases and can cancel at any time. So anytime you hear of beta access with a preorder always immediately preoder on amazon and you'll get a code at some point and if you decide you don't like the game then just cancel after you've received the code. i do it all the time and always get in betas.

Utalkin2me1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


It is illegal and the only reason it is done, is for people that have multiple consoles. Not So you can share your account and rob the developers of money.

GameSpawn1640d ago

"It is illegal and the only reason it is done, is for people that have multiple consoles."

Yup. Which is also why Sony reduced the number of consoles down to 2 from 5. I think the PS3 may still be 4 or 5, but I believe the Vita and PS4 are only 2 active per account (the PS4 can only have ONE primary system too; it's locked in upon activation on the primary account holder).

artsaber1640d ago

@ Crazyglues i got an extra key if you want it

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spence524901640d ago

Did anyone else feel a little underpowered when going against the higher level players in PvP? At around 5-6 my team was getting smacked by level 7+ people. I'm thinking it was due to their higher weapon damage and armor rating. Now I'm not complaining and calling for balances but I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced that. I wonder if the full game will incorporate some level specific matchmaking.

TheFutureIsBlue1640d ago

I'm not sure since I was lvl 8 when I went in to pvp to make sure that did not happen, lol. Like you said, I'm sure they will make some kind of lvl requirement when it comes to matchmaking. Btw it was fun!

Ashunderfire861640d ago

On the first try, because those players look like they have overshield or something? Then my team start to win most of the team now.

amnalehu1640d ago

Yup! I felt the same way. I felt like I was fighting with a water gun. I got back in late last night and it was much better. This game is probably the most fun I've ever had playing a shooter. What a gift to be getting more time. I'm betting we will be playing against the devs in PVP today.

TheFallenAngel1640d ago

For sure, I unloaded a full clip on the enemies and they would kill me with a few shots. This is bad specially for noobs. I hate when games do that.

Jdoki1640d ago

Hopefully the final release matchmaking is better. I'm hopeful these level mismatches are simply because the alpha has a fairly limited population.

I have a similar gripe about TitanFall. Where I'll often find myself in a team of other low level players facing far more experienced people. It's ridiculous and completely unbalanced.

spence524901640d ago

As much as I don't think Destiny is mmo, I wonder if it will stick to the traditional mmo idea of PvP. That's pretty much if you aren't geared out, don't try PvP. I really hope it doesn't and they just introduce better matchmaking.

Jdoki1640d ago


In another Destiny news story, someone posted that Bungie have stated that PvP will be skill based, not gear based.

But I've also read that gear used in the game will 'tell tales of the players deeds', so depending on which modes you focus on your gear will reflect that in some way - I assume by the collection of the different 'currencies' you can see on the Bounty board in the Alpha.

Ideally matchmaking will take in to account player skill, and gear levels to create balanced matches.

I find MMORPG PvP hugely frustrating, as people just tend to build 'I win' gear and skill has little to do with it. That sort of metagame is annoying.

TheFallenAngel1640d ago

Yea but in titanfall I didn't unload a whole clip just to get someone's health half way and then be killed with a few shots.

thejigisup1639d ago

Isn't that how life is though? You start low level, inexperienced , and surrounded by experienced people. You suck it up, learn and get better.

@thefallenangel , were you aiming properly ? Thats a big part of it, less complaining , more gaming..

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patsrule3161640d ago

According to an interview, the damage and health will be equalized in PVP:

“Our Crucible, moreover, is about skill,” Sussman said. “You can play a level 4 player with a level 20, and the Level 4 player can dominate because we equalise the player’s health and damage. All the perks and abilities you’ve unlocked are still there, but it really comes down to skill. That makes for a really cool experience.”

henr0s1640d ago

Honestly I'm going to say you guys just need to get better. When I jumped into crucible around level 4 I didn't have that much trouble, went pretty average first couple of games getting used to it, but then it was fine. You get wiped if someone just hits you all headshots, or gets a good grenade/shotgun combo. Just avoid these and you're fine, just play better and it doesn't really matter if they're higher level imo, hasn't affected me.

spence524901640d ago

That's usually the case. Most of us are used to CoD and BF4 so the mechanics of slower based combat have to be adjusted to play a halo styled game. After I adjusted my sensitivity and turned my vibration off (a great tip for those of you who play shooters) I started to do better. I agree with your statement. Skill is a large percentage of it.

xActionBasturdx1640d ago

Thats what i was getting ready to say...the pvp feels alot like halo 3 if you ask me

VerminSC1640d ago

The pvp being balanced was a deciding factor for me getting this game.

If you look under the description on the crucible it says something like "player level disabled"
It makes all of our guns and armor the same. I have tested the damage with my starting weapons compared to my best weapons, they are the same :)

RamboRabbi1640d ago

Kinda sounds like borderlands level balancing. I remember joining a level 40 game when I was level 20 and the damage scaling was such that 1 hit would effectively kill you.

RyanShutup1640d ago

nah PvP levels and weapon upgrades are all disabled. It's just like any other multiplayer game in that regard... no balancing issues at all that I could see.

DJ1640d ago

I had the same issue, getting instant-killed by level 7 and 8 players. I would hit them 4 or 5 times and still get knocked down.

What seemed to help was sticking together in groups. But then you go up against a group of level 7+ players and then it's all over.

Plus people can jump/glide so high that it's hard to constantly look up at the sky, just in case someone's up there.

HammadTheBeast1640d ago

Yes it does do that. The point is because it's an MMO there needs to be a discrepancy between the different levels and items, so that there's a goal. Hopefully with more players it won't be an issue, and if you have the skill, it is possible to beat a higher level guy.

Shadonic1640d ago

For me yes and no, it was mostly just mistakes made in gameplay that were on me other times it was because of alpha server problems and others it was because I chose my warlock looking good over him playing good.


You know in all the playing I've done on there, I haven't even tried the pvp Crucible area, had plenty of fun with the other stuff (maxing out weapons, etc.). Also, after completing the Strike mission in the Devils Lair found my way back to the Walker tank in that area, and solo'd it twice (both times I ran out of ammo and had to rely on grenades and special attack to finish it off, should of planned ahead and bought those ammo refills).

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Ashunderfire861640d ago

Hope they fix the problem where players get kick out of servers! I got kick out even playing solo? Where are all the players in the tower?

GarrusVakarian1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

" Where are all the players in the tower?"

Every time i visit the tower it's full of players. Although, there's has been a few instances of the free-roam map being pretty empty.

On topic: Yay! More time. Awesome, im getting back on it right now. Enjoying everything about this game. The fact it has a dedicated competitive MP makes it even better.

Neonridr1640d ago

lol, I remember playing last night and along came the Walker Drop public event. I was the only one in the area... so I casually did a quickstep out of the zone ;)

Jdoki1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

How many players are you seeing Lukas?

In my experience in the Tower I see between zero and a dozen or so.

In the open map I see very few other players. Maybe three per session max.

I turned up at one of these events, and it was me and one other guy... Was brutal, but fun

Mr-Dude1640d ago

True... most of the time I am alone in the tower:-(

Shadonic1640d ago

Players not appearing in the towers is a matchmaking bug, Good thing they had an alpha to test this out.

Ashunderfire861639d ago

Funny how someone disagree with me when it is the truth lol! There is no player in the tower! I only see like 2 people then I get kick out of the server?

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