Destiny Alpha Had Less Than 10% Of The Game; "Never Say Never" For PC

According to Bungie Designer Evan Nikolich, Destiny Alpha had even less than 10% of the game's content, so there's a lot to discover yet.

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Neonridr1646d ago

The size of the game world was very impressive for it being just an Alpha.

Alexious1646d ago

Personally I would have liked it to be bigger, but then again I'm used to MMOs.

Neonridr1646d ago

well I'm sure when we get to the Beta stage we will get a better sense of the overall size.

TheUltimateGamer1646d ago

If this is just 10% of the overall size I'm impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing the final release of this thing, it's going to be awesome!

Gh05t1646d ago

I did not get a chance to play the alpha myself but I did watch a lot of live streaming. I found the world size given in the alpha to be okay however if it was close to 10% I think that would make the overall world pretty small.

Again didnt have to travel the world myself but it just seems (from what i have seen) that if it was 10x larger it would still feel a little small to me.

Meltic1646d ago

Actually they ae finished with the game. This was just a tease. And trust me graphically it wont be better than the Alpha or beta. This is the full game but just a small tease of what the game is about. Very bad voice acting and VERY good gameplay.

JsonHenry1646d ago

Peter Dinklage's voice just doesn't seem right for the game.

GarrusVakarian1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"Very bad voice acting "

Oh man, tell me about it, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion from Game Of Thrones) sounds bored. I know he's supposed to sound non-emotional because he's just an AI, but it doesn't sound like an AI, it just sounds like a bored voice actor, lol. They should give him a robotic sounding filter or something, so then at least he will actually sound like an AI.

As for the multiplayer announcer....the WORST i have EVER heard. I really hope it's just a placeholder. How can you go from "SLAYYYYERRR", to a non-badass, and totally bored sounding Englishman? Lmao.

Mr-Dude1646d ago

I am very excited for the other planets!

ginsunuva1646d ago

What does the size of the game world have to do with Alpha???

It's not even in Alpha stage. It's just a marketing term now.

Neonridr1646d ago

no it wasn't an Alpha - not with a Beta coming next month and the retail version in the beginning of September. I guess they couldn't call it the Beta since that will be in July. I guess they could have just called it a preview and been done with it, but oh well.

I was merely commenting that the open exploration was fairly large, and if that is only representative of approx 10% of the overall world size, then we have a lot of area to go exploring in.

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kaiserfranz1646d ago

Nice to hear! I'm really looking forward to the game, whenever it comes on PC.

spence524901646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

So for everyone that said "zomg, its so unimpressive and boring" welcome to the world of an alpha. Its something to be said if less than 10% of a game is better than 50% of the full shooters available right now.

thehobbyist1646d ago

People also have to understand this game follows an MMORPG formula for it's missions. So to truly have fun with it and for it not to be "boring" you need to play with friends.
That's what the game is about. And it's a feeling you can only get by trying it out for yourself.
I've played Monster Hunter for years and let me tell you. The feeling you get when playing with friends CANNOT be felt through a Youtube video.

Fusromandah1646d ago

Personally cannot wait to get this on PS4!

mezati991646d ago

i think this is all confirm a pc version later after the release of the game on consoles

Jughead34161646d ago

PC won't see this game any time soon

Alexious1646d ago

I bet it will release on PC some time during 2015. Perhaps Q3/Q4, but not any later than that.

Jughead34161646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I think PC should have gotten this game instead of PS3 and 360. But most people still own the old consoles instead of the current gen. They'll probably make the most money from the old gen sales. Activision gotta profit after that 500 million dollar budget

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