New E3 2014 Off-Screen Footage From Rainbow Six: Siege Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the most impressive games that were shown at this year’s E3. Its destructible environment looked lovely, is a refreshing touch, and opens up its gameplay to more strategic decisions. YouTube’s member ‘Chris Reay’ has captured some new gameplay from it."

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Evilsnuggle1646d ago

Rainbow six siege was my best new game of E3 2014.

alexkoepp1646d ago

Totally, and it gives me hope they are going to redeem Ghost Recon too hopefully and not pursue the aweful "Future Soldier" storyline/gameplay, or lameplay is more like it. Recon isn't gears of war guys, and keep up the good work with Rainbow.

okmrman1646d ago

rainbow 6 is not a new game genius

Nekroo911646d ago

yes it its genius, it should be patriots but they started all over again

Nitrowolf21646d ago

Rainbow six SIEGE is genius

urwifeminder1646d ago

Did not even know it was announced lol must not be controversial enough yet , downgrade and res banter may fix that when more is known.

tigertron1646d ago

I hope they give us a beta for this.

BX811646d ago

Me too. What I noticed that I don't like str8 out the gate is the number of charges you get. He blew 3 holes in the walls. Just seems too easy that way. Maybe one or two charges would be enough. Idk will have to get hands on to really make a call though.

crazychris41241646d ago

But are there female characters? Lol I'm just playing. Game looks great and I hope they bring back terrorist hunt from Vegas 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.