Dragon Quest VII / X Localization Petition Launched By Dedicated Fans

A group of dedicated fans has launched a new petition, asking for the localization of Dragon Quest VII 3DS and the MMORPG Dragon Quest X.

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Geekman1642d ago

FINALLY! What is the point of not localizing these games? Dragon Qurst 9 was my favorite DS game. (One of the only ones I played.)

higgins781642d ago

Money and sales. The fact is (sadly) games such as this dont have appeal to the 'casuals', i.e those who buy every COD, Assassins Creed or GTA, ergo the money spent translating doesn't translate - no pun intended - into sales. Its like Shenmue. Sure people are telling us now how much they loved the original but its impossible THAT many people are telling you the truth, fact is the Dreamcast didnt sell in big numbers and Shenmue itself even less...I dont count myself in this example.

Dark_king1642d ago

VII they should be able to translating it shouldn't be that expensive.Though X is far more expensive since they would need new servers.

Chrono1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

So you want them to release a subscription based mmo on Wii/u? Good luck with that

mydyingparadiselost1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Although I would like to play X I'm really only interested in VII, I never got to beat it due to a save error and it hasn't exactly aged well over the years in terms of how long it takes to get things done in the game. I'd love for this to come to the states, although chances are it won't :(

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DC7771642d ago

X is exactly what this system needs. The online is almost non-existant.

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