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Siblings are a royal pain in the arse. Love them or loathe them, at some point in your life you will have no doubt wished that you had the power to banish them to some other dimension so they can no longer come into your room and mess with your stuff.

According to Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the new 2.5D puzzle platformer from Danish developers Press Play, this power is now only a simple internet search away. What a marvellous age we live in!

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namEuser1642d ago

I just finished it on X1, and i liked it as well :) i definitely want to go back in and grab the rest of the items and achievments! Graphics are great, except i will say that at some points in the game its almost like looking through a steamed piece of glass...dont know if its me or thats what they were going for but had to squint a coiuple times to going to go back and readjust the gamma filter at the beginning and see if that helps :) i give it a 3.8/5 pretty and fun, what else can ya ask for! :)