Fatal Frame’s Movie Adaptation Won't Follow The Plot Of The Games

Here's a first look at the upcoming movie adaptation of Fatal Frame, along with a brief synopsis of its story. As it turns out, the movie won't follow the plot of any of the games.

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randomass1711646d ago

As long as it stays true to the spirit of the games than I don't think it should be an issue.

Geekman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Video game movies are an issue in general. There's never been a good one.

Bhuahahaha1646d ago

not all

silent hill is good

and have you seen street fighter assassin's fist?

randomass1711646d ago

Wreck-It Ralph was very good, even if it wasn't based on any particular video game property.

Ratty1646d ago

Wreck it Ralph isn't a video game adaptation. It's a movie about video games.

Silent Hill, like others have said, is probably the best video game adaptation. The sequel not so much.


YOU'RE WRONG......Dead or Alive was a cinematic experience like no other!

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Dan_scruggs1646d ago

Because that always works right? I men just looks at Max Payne and Hitman and Double Dragon and Mario and both Street Fighter movies and Doom and Far Cry and Bloodrayne and Resident Evil ect...

All fine examples of movies that ignored the actual plot of the game and tried to maintain their "spirit".

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Wni01646d ago

Silent Hill is still the best videogame based movie and that strayed far from the originals, infact only when it mirrored them in the middle of the movie was when things dragged. Videogames dont really have great stories so they have to add stuff in place of all the mindless shooting and combat and platforming sections.

Dan_scruggs1646d ago

There are entire sequences for that movie that a recreations of the first game almost shot for shot.

Check this out.

And that comparison only covers the first third of the film.

I enjoyed the Silent Hill movie because it was so much like that game I loved so much. Just like I love the Lord of the Rings movies because they we adaptations of the books I loved so much. Just adapt the game. Inevitably you will have to change some things just like those movies did but withing reason. If you can't make it work or it doesn't make a good movie then don't make the movie.

Wni01646d ago

Oh yeah the cinematography is brilliant and I liked a few of the same camera shots, I mean in terms if story. (Though the sean bean plotline was meh.)

Inception1646d ago

Well it's not always works. But, beside the movies you mentioned, there still video games movies that works even though it's not 100% follow the plot of the games. Such as:

- Mortal Kombat 1
- Resident Evil 1 looks decent but the rest are meh
- Street Fighter: Assassins Fist is awesome
- Silent Hill 1
- Tomb Raider 1
- Yakuza

And Fatal Frame movies directed by japanese. I'm sure they will stay true to the roots compare to what hollywood's did with most video games to movies adaptation.

pompombrum1646d ago

Might be an interesting movie but being honest, they need to make a new game and make it a Project Morpheus launch title.

ps360s1645d ago

This is not from Hollywood so I have faith in this :)