Phil Spencer Already Playing Scalebound, Working with Platinum “a Highlight for Xbox One”

Scalebound was one of the most interesting surprises shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but all that was shown so far of the game was a cinematic trailer. Apparently, though, the game is already partly playable, as mentioned by Xbox Division head honcho Phil Spencer.

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Eonjay1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Too bad we couldn't get to see some gameplay footage of this title then.
I would like to see more developers commit to in game footage this gen from the offset.

ats19921647d ago

The gameplay will probably be showcased at the Tokyo Game Show.

christocolus1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I'm so happy to hear this. This means scalebound, phantum dust and even crackdown could launch next year and It also seems ms will be revealing more titles at gamescom and tgs cos I remember phil saying they would have a pre launch show before the japanese xbox one launch where they would talk more about japanese games. 5p was to show a game at e3 but they never did so I'm guessing the ip was pushed out of the conference to make room for more announcements and pls let lost odysee2, otogi3 and blinx be one of the unannounced ips from japan.

thereapersson1647d ago

Phil Spencer is the best thing to happen to Xbox in a long time. Glad to see he is pushing a lot more variety in games.

NewMonday1647d ago

Sorry! Have to call BS on this one, Hedaki is not yet finished with Byonetta 2 to even start working on Scalebound.

Spencer is developing a reputation for hyperbole, I warned he is the type to say whatever people want to hear and he is living up to that.

Septic1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

So are you saying Phil Spencer is lying??

" I warned he is the type to say whatever people want to hear and he is living up to that."

Yeah you keep saying it but don't back up a single thing you say.

NewMonday1647d ago


saying it's hard to believe, common sense disagrees.

Kayant1647d ago

It could just be early days from the sound of things given this is pegged to be a 2016 title based on last rumours. So much like a bloodborne situation I guess.

TheCagyDies1647d ago

Hideki Kamiya is not developing Bayonetta 2, he's supervising it. Scalebound is Kamiya's next game after The Wonderful 101.

No_Limit1647d ago

I seriously think NewMonday blackmailed one of the mod here on N4G. There is no way he still has all those bubbles with all the anti-MS propaganda he is spreading in every bit of good Xbox news.

kewlkat0071647d ago

This guy have enough bubbles to troll xbox articles regardless of what it's

Phil has announce a lot of changes since he took over personally, I don't see why he would be lying.

Bigpappy1647d ago

@NewMonday: Before you go out on the limb at accuse the man of lying, maybe you would want to have a few examples of this. You come off as being angered just because the man said he got to play the some of the exclusive game. What the heck is so difficult to believe about that.

Just running around the internet calling people liars is offensive and just plain wrong. I am not going to call you one, but you are at least building that reputation for yourself, brick by brick.

Andronix1647d ago

Scalebound could turn out to be something special. I really love all the different monsters.

mrpsychoticstalker1646d ago


Its @newmonday

what else can you expect?

that level of blindness is hard to match. even with that many wasted bubbles that should go to someone else capable of developing a solid argument.

TheCagyDies1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

and my point still stands.
Not 100% compared to directing. It's Hashimoto's duty. Plus there is this new thing we call multitasking.

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Bundi1647d ago

Yeah so that we can bi*ch and moan later when they cannot reach that thanx. Show gameplay ONLY when it represents gameplay of the final game.
E3 should first and foremost be about announcing new games. If developers have final build gameplay then even better, but there is no good that's going to come from showing gameplay that isn't true to the final game.

OpieWinston1647d ago

Especially this gen since there's a large group of people who love to scream "Downgrade!".

I have a feeling Phil is going to use E3 as a way to show off gameplay and announce games to be shown off at Gamescom/TGS. As a yearly thing.

Spotie1647d ago

Reach what target? If he's playing it this early on, it's likely a beta or even alpha build, and those are rarely of the highest quality.

If they can't reach the target of an alpha, we need to bitch at them.

redwin1646d ago

Maybe only 15 min of the entire game is playable, has anyone ever though about that? This game looks like The Guyver.

AngelicIceDiamond1647d ago

We may haven't had the opportunity to to see the game in action but the good news its in playable form so it has to release sometime next year.

Platinum Games makes some sick ass Japanese action games.

Phil Spencer said to be at Gamescom and TGS.

Also this.

"Spencer also mentioned that the games that the Xbox One games which will be shown at Tokyo Game Show will “almost certainly” be available in the west as well."

Hmmm, maybe Phil has some more games planned over there that could release here? Kinda doubting it but it would be a big plus, have to wait and see.

christocolus1647d ago

Dude why would you doubt that? They definitly have more games planned.

AngelicIceDiamond1647d ago

@Chris Lol I dunno man MS has allot of games already.

Kaze881647d ago

Indeed! Heres couple reasons why ppl should be looking forward to this game

Volkama1647d ago

I don't care for CGI clips either, but the way the game plays when it releases is far more important than how they choose to kick off their marketing drive.

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Lucas221647d ago

do you guys think this game will be a rpg

AnEwGuY1647d ago

I'm guessing something along the lines of Vanquish...but with kaiju-like monsters.

kratoz12091647d ago

It's an xbox title and you guys love fps so.... No it will be a fps

0P-Tigrex1647d ago

FINALLY. Xbox is getting Games that aren't Halo, Gears, and Forza. I'd be happy to if my company finally got their head out of their arse.

Illusive_Man1647d ago

Can't blow your entire load at E3 like Sony. Hold back a little...

kratoz12091647d ago

You do realise Sony still has more games coming to show at gamescom and tgs

WeAreLegion1647d ago

Do you have any idea how many current Sony games weren't shown at E3? Media Molecule, Guerrilla, and Bend didn't even show up, dude.

DarkZane1647d ago

You got it backward. Microsoft is the one who showed all their hand while Sony kept most of it hidden since they will be at Gamescom and TGS.

Microsoft barely ever show anything at Gamescom that isn't known already and they have no presence at TGS.

guyman1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

What an absolutely ridiculous statement!! Sony have a massive amount games that we know about that are unannounced just from first party studios alone. Omg get a freaking life.

Same thing goes for Microsoft, and unlike you, I'm very excited about what both conpanies are bringing.Man it's Gonna great having both consoles.

MasterCornholio1647d ago

Funny that we haven't seen games from Sonysanta Monica, Sonybend, Media Molecule and Guerillagames yet.

Dont worry Sony still has plenty more to announce. There's no need to troll PlayStation here in an article anout the Xbox One.

0P-Tigrex1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I agree, but then again they need all the games they can get. Sony's like "Oh, you nibba's got a Halo collection? We'll release our Little Big Planet then destroy you in 2015".

MeliMel1647d ago

LBP destroying Halo.....just NO!

0P-Tigrex1646d ago

Did i SAY LBP3 will destroy Halo?? lofl. Defensive Xbot.

poor_cus_of_games1647d ago

Obviously you didn't see the article were Sony said that they have got many more games to announce this year at gamescom and tgs.

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Lawboy21647d ago

Seriously can't wait to play this game....loved the cgi got me hyped to learn more information about the game...can't wait to hear more

Bigpappy1647d ago

Yeah, the concept looks great. If they can give these beast some personality and not just focus on slaying them just to have something to kill, then the game could become a good series that explores the dino era.