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Destiny is a $500 million game? Yes, and that's not insane

Ben Kuchera - Polygon:
"A month-old story about the budget of Activision and Bungie’s Destiny is making the rounds again, because there’s no expiration date on outrage or headlines with huge numbers. $500 million is a ton of money, and that’s a giant figure even by the standards of Hollywood accounting." (Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Jeff257  +   445d ago
After playing just the Alpha so far I can say that it should do very well once the full game hits. I am excited to see just where the story goes not just in the first game but as the series progresses in the years to come. All told yes that is a big number that has been spent for the game but it is money well spent and I think Destiny could become the next big gaming franchise.
ArchangelMike  +   445d ago
Yeah, I think Destiny is going to be Huge. Especially as it really has no competition this holiday season either in the FPS space, or the MMO space. I can't see ESO or Planetside (if it releases this year) competing with Destiny TBH.
WalterWJR  +   445d ago
Can somebody tell me if this game has any storyline? I played the alpha for a few hours and all I got was the narrator talking a few lines.

I am just hoping the alpha removed all story but playing nearly non stop for long periods with no story was a bit worrying.
Ashunderfire86  +   445d ago
Its just one part of the game your playing, with 3 player missions. Not the story. Plus Crucible team based deathmatch you can play.
theDivision  +   445d ago
You got one single story mission which was obviously not an attempt to reveal anything. I am sure there is some story level. I don't know why you would think the alpha would reveal any depth of the story. They only revealed one multiplayer mode and one boss as well. It was obviously an incredulously small sliver of the game.
mcarsehat  +   445d ago
Does it play like Mass Effect and Borderlands or does it play like No man's Sky? (Do you have to load each planet or do you fly to them?)
KAEM7  +   445d ago
definitly not like no man's sky. flying=loading to go to other planets
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mcarsehat  +   445d ago
that's a deal breaker ((to the person that disagree'd, sorry i didn't know, i will never let you down again.)
hollabox  +   445d ago
I thought it played like Mass Effect mixed with a little bit of Halo. Anywho, after playing the beta yesterday, I think Destiny is off my to buy list.
nucky64  +   445d ago
I agree jeff. I didn't think much of destiny from everything I've read, but I was very happy with the alpha. I'm going to pick this game up, now.
Mr-Dude  +   445d ago
You all know the alpha is extended ? Still going :-D
Raf1k1  +   445d ago
So what's the new end time? Hoping to play some multiplayer after work as I haven't tried that yet.
OpenGL  +   445d ago
I'm in the alpha as well (got a random invite from Sony, didn't register for anything or pre-order) and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Before the alpha the game wasn't really even on my radar but now I'm seriously contemplating a purchase this fall.

My biggest complaint is that the game does not support split-screen at all, a huge disappointment. I could understand if there were performance concerns on last-gen hardware in regards to implementing the feature, but next-gen hardware should have it.
3-4-5  +   445d ago
For $500 Million, we most likely are getting a sequel or two.
Einhert  +   445d ago
500 million.......

That is insane....Destiny for their sakes better be like the second coming of gaming.

So far to me it looks inexplicably average.
Az1mov  +   445d ago
i felt somehow underwhelmed, as i was expecting them to portray a better preview of their games background story as they used to do with the halo franchise. but they couldn't capture my imagination with any exciting campaign content so far. The tech and coop/multiplayer component is impressive but I miss the Halo universe feel that relates to Bungie's games.
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KingDustero  +   445d ago
There's a difference between how a game looks and how it is to actually play it. Out of those who have actually played the game, an overwhelming majority love it. Bungie has set the foundation for a franchise that can become even bigger than Halo and CoD. People need stop judging and trying to put down a game they haven't played themselves.
nucky64  +   445d ago
I think you're right, king. sci-fi games aren't something I usually play; but, I got the alpha invite and went ahead and tried it - I thought it was fun and the sense of scale from all the massive structures was awesome. i'll be buying destiny on release to give it the full try!
avengers1978  +   445d ago
500 million is insane, they need to sell 12 million plus to bet a profit.
shivvy24  +   445d ago
Lol, alot of developers dream just to hit 2million
Dolf045  +   445d ago
500 million is the budget to evolve the franchise over the course of 10 years. I'm assuming you haven't played it yet man, I've just spent the weekend being very impressed by the game. Production values are amazing, music and visuals are beautiful, I had hours of play out of 1 strike mission and one short story mission. Couldn't be more excited....
thepluggy  +   445d ago
don't judge a book by its cover,this will be the next big franchise,didn't have to much interest in Destiny until i got a alpha code to play it, but now its a def day 1 purchase for me.
Mr Pumblechook  +   445d ago
The $500 million figure is not just for the development and advertising of the first game, it is the cost of planning and developing the franchise lore which wiil be used for the sequel.

There are hardly any other major releases in September, the month it releases. I've played the Alpha and been impressed by its beautiful 1080p visuals and Halo-like gameplay. This is going to be a big quality game and it IS going to sell.
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ArchangelMike  +   445d ago
Same here, my interest in Destiny was lukewarm until I played it. I think now that people have actually played the Alpha the hype level for this game is going to go through the roof. I was very pleasantly surprised with Destiny - take note EA, this is how it done!
BillmadeAGate  +   445d ago
Destiny is just Borederlands, Halo, an DC universe smashed all into one.. its fun, but definitely dont see it lasting years like Activisions original plan... I give Destiny 3 months before everyones like uggh Destiny, lets play Assassins or Far Cry or Battlefield, or Call of Doody or ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!
rickhunter89  +   445d ago
i have seen the future and destiny 2 will feature master chief !
BillmadeAGate  +   445d ago
lmao.. it will feature realistic meteorite showers, constant aircraft battles to interact with an to top it all off it runs at a crisp 4k 120fps.. Destiny 2 A World Reborn Pre-order Now!!!#
AnEwGuY  +   445d ago
People have blown this WAAAAY out of proportion. This is a brand new IP, with a new engine (supposedly...but this IS Bungie we're talking about...), and a 10 yr. exclusive publishing deal with the Devil himself, Bobby Kotick. The "$500 million" is an investment in the entire future of this franchise, including a ton of marketing $$; it is NOT the development cost of this first game. Hell, Activision hasn't spent that kind of money on the last 4-5 COD games COMBINED.
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Grave  +   445d ago
For that type of money I hope it comes to PC as well.
ZAF  +   445d ago
Guys it's 500$ million for the whole franchise not just one game, they will make 3-4 games of Destiny.
gigoran  +   445d ago
it's simple. A number was put out there and stupid sites like... kotaku... thought it would be great click bait for them to bash the game after getting a demo and then ridicule the budget. That's. it. Idiots looking to generate some click click money.

The comparison is simple. WOW. How much has been spent on that? How long has that been around? This is the same type of game and lifespan that Destiny is going to be. Where are the hundreds of articles bashing WOW for their money spent? Oh... there isn't? I see. Hypocrites.
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kewlkat007  +   445d ago
It's going to need buyers...
josephayal  +   445d ago
pools of buyers
Activemessiah  +   445d ago
Sure as hell doesn't look like $500 Million but we all know most of that money is going towards advertising... we'll be seeing adverts for this game everywhere... from a dance mix on youtube to carving the Destiny logo on the moon.
The Meerkat  +   445d ago
That's quite a jump from £39.99.

It better contain a season pass.
ArchangelMike  +   445d ago
Well there's apparently going to be 10 years worth of content that Bungee is producing!!! So that's going to be one hell of a season pass. I wonder how much It will cost?!?
ZAF  +   445d ago
Like i said up on the comments, the 500$ million is for the 10 years of the franchise
The Meerkat  +   445d ago

It's tough audience tonight.
ic3fir3  +   445d ago
are 500 million around the support of 10 years on the game,
Summons75  +   445d ago
Do people realize advertising is included with that 500 mil? Marketing isn't cheap so I'm guessing from the look of the game half that is for marketing or more. Activision cares more about marketing than they do about quality. Look at cod.
BattleN  +   445d ago
Imagine if it flopped would Activision go the way of THQ?
Milesprowers  +   445d ago
500 Million for a generic shooter? Why not invest in Timesplitters 4 instead.
pornflakes  +   445d ago
GTA5 sold 30 Million Copies.

This game will sell between 8-12 Million copies, believe me or not but its a new IP.

If Bungie thinks that they can reach sales like the COD, Halo or GTA franchies than LOL
claud3  +   445d ago
Well i hope it fails and burns... It looks crap any way
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GoPanthers999  +   445d ago
Saw an interview on here that Bungie's deal with Activision is for 10 years. So I expect lots of content and multiple games in the franchise.

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