‘Destiny’ Alpha – PS4 Gameplay Compilation

Over the weekend PlayStation 4 gamers have been able to enjoy the Alpha release of Destiny, allowing players to experience the new universe Bungie has created. With only a handful of hours until the Alpha finally closes its doors, Analog Addiction has decided to compile a series of gameplay footage from the Alpha itself. In total the hour and a half of footage below showcases the character creation suite, an entire Strike Mission, and much more.

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Soldierone1641d ago

Are we allowed to post Alpha footage? I don't want to get in trouble for it.

itisallaboutps1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

You arent allowed. But lots of people do anyways. Worse case scenario no more alphas or betas. I still wouldn't do it

martinezjesus19931641d ago

If we werent they would have disabled the share button, plus Bungie in theyre own Facebook page encourage us to share our experiences

Shadonic1641d ago

Yea there always supportive of the community sharing their footage and experiences as long as its in a public alpha/beta.

Jamiex661641d ago

I received these codes from a PR representative and wasn't given any NDA or embargo to follow. With the Share button now attached to to the DS4, gameplay was always going to be leaked out.

I have passed this post over to my contact, and haven't hear anything regarding the post.

Let's not forget Bungie showed off Alpha gameplay during E3 and also gave journalists a chance to capture PvP gameplay footage at an event last week.

BlazeXXL1641d ago

The more I see of it, the more dissapointed I become... Don't get me wrong, it looks good. But certain aspects are severely lacking, or just don't look next-gen. For example: the player jumps into the water, trying to explore and he dies. That reminds me of truly ancient game design solutions (GTA 3 anyone?).

This worries me, because the thing that I'm excited about the most is exploring the world. The world now looks very static and bland. What I want is a dynamic, living and breathing world that responds to the player, something that makes this a true next-gen MMO. I hope Bungie surprises us all this fall, but I'm keeping my expectations low.

Shadonic1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

So let me get this straight, your mad and disgruntled by the game because you want to explore empty lakes instead of the already incredibly large areas of loot,lore, and monsters to interact with ?

Studio-YaMi1641d ago

Let him complain about unnecessary things while we enjoy the game.

I'm in the Alpha and the game is beautiful,addictive & fun.

BlazeXXL1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

How am I mad/disgruntled? I'm just expressing my opinion after seeing a gameplay trailer..

Perhaps it's a neglible issue for some of you, but the fact that you die when touching water really surprised and dissapointed me. It's something I thought we wouldn't be seeing this gen, especially with a title of such magnitude which relies heavily on exploration!

thinktwice1641d ago

Graphics lack tbh! Hope it looks allot better in the final release... its called next gen for a reasons. Innovation guys...

Raf1k11641d ago

Better graphics isn't exactly innovative.

The maps we were able to play in seems pretty large plus Bungie isn't exactly known for pushing the graphical bar.

Shadonic1641d ago

Did you know that the devils lair mission linked up to an area with lvl 20 monsters ?, I dont think i even explored all of the map its so much plus the cut off parts blocked by Bungie.

Raf1k11641d ago

I do remember making my way into some sort of underground bunker with mobs that were showing '??' for their level.

The Alpha managed to get me interested in the game whereas before I wasn't too bothered about it.

Studio-YaMi1641d ago

"I do remember making my way into some sort of underground bunker with mobs that were showing '??' for their level."

Three of these enemies ran at me when I was down their and I ran like HELL.

Then I went back to look again and one of the monsters punched me and killed me with ONE HIT! o__o......

Raf1k11641d ago

@ Studio-YaMi, that was pretty much the place I was in. Pretty much where you first start off on the map. I saw a container of some sort which I went to and noticed them. I got hit with a shot that nearly killed me but I was able to loot the box and run out.

Nothing noteworthy in the container. I was hoping for something decent.

The game seems very much like an MMO with a city for players to hang out in and get quests. There are also random quests that pop up during play like with Guild Wars 2.

iceman061641d ago

I ran into a huge, level 16 Ogre that was shooting purple lasers from his eyes. Seriously, there were about 6-7 people from the map ALL trying to kill it. It was taking 1 HP damage per shot and it NEVER died. We all ran out of bullets before we could even drop his health. It's was over the side of the rail by the rusty helicopters.

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Shadonic1641d ago

Would say its pretty innovative in its matchmaking and balancing bringing in weapons from the single player to the multiplayer seamlessly while keeping it more balanced than Today's FPS. Innovation in graphics isn't really a thing, it just has better graphics that's it and its done, Killzone had amazing graphics and honestly wasn't that great, you ask for innovation in visuals but not functionality and gameplay, that's fools thinking there man.

Scatpants1641d ago

Game is really fun. Can't wait for the full version. I hope the Beta has some different content than the Alpha, I kinda doubt it though.

Jamiex661641d ago

Bungie have said they are putting a lot more content in the beta.

Shadonic1641d ago

I hope we get a level cap raise in the beta

cfc831641d ago

I was one of the biggest speptics around, because of graphics etc. Im hard to please, but this alpha has been very enjoyable. I had one of the best experiences yesterday in a 6 vs 6 match. I never thought id say that, given my like of 64 players on big maps. Im not so sure how the servers will hold up though.

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