E3 2014: 10 Minutes of Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

Junkie Monkeys: On day one of E3, fellow JM writer Alex and I decided to hit up the Sunset Overdrive booth.

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AnEwGuY1641d ago

Because I hated the Resistance franchise, and FUSE was largely garbage, I really had no interest in this game prior to E3. Now, it's a definite buy for me.

CernaML1641d ago

If you hated those games then youre probably not gonna like this one very much. I thought it looked awesome and I absolutely love Insomniac's games... but I was pretty underwhelmed when I got my hands on it... Its disappointing really.

ats19921641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Based on your comment history i doubt you have played the game seems you are just a troll and you are always saying bad things about xbox.

CernaML1641d ago

Now how did I know I was going to get a reply like that? lol

Sorry to disappoint you but I did play it. I was at E3 thanks to Microsoft (I was also at their conference). I know it hurts, but this game wasnt very good to me. Are you also going to call me a troll if I say that I thought Fuse was trash? Wahh

ats19921641d ago

Sure you were there care to prove it :) because with a comment history like that i have my doubts.

Dewitt1641d ago

Yeah no one is buying this, everyone I knew that went to E3 said this was one of the best games on the floor.

CernaML1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )
Satisfied now? I dont even know what comments of mine gave you the idea that I hated Xbox.
I would upload more, including pics of the Sunset Overdrive booth, but my mpbile connection is terribly slow.

Forza Horizon was brilliant. But this game didnt do it for me. If this game doesnt get 9's and 10's across the board then are all the critics wrong too? Get real...

Charybdis1641d ago

@Cerna ML
Nice interested in why and which part of the game left you underwhelmed.

CernaML1641d ago

I would say the main part would be the guy presenting the game. He really didnt help me anticipate the demo after waiting in line for over an hour. He was a collosal douchebag whom I wanted to punch in the face.

Anyway, theres really just nothing special about this title. They keep hyping up the whole jumping and grinding aspect of the game but they felt clunky. Shooting mechanics arent that much better either (did I mention that the douchebag stated he'd be pissed if he saw us shooting? Uhhh okay [yes I realize it was a joke... a bad one]).

I do realize the game isnt finished yet but performance was terrible. Almost seemed like a consistent 25fps rather than a solid 30 despite the graphics not really pushing the bar. Keep in mind I played the 8 player co op mode... with NO ONE communicating with eachother.

I dont think the game is going to be terrible, I just had high hopes for it. But from what Ive played, it didnt deliver. Plus that "OverCharge" energy drink they gave out was so nasty.

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DLConspiracy1641d ago

I have been on board since the gameplay reveal. This looks like a lot of fun with the right kind of humor. Day one purchase for me.

Illusive_Man1641d ago

1080p, 900p, whatever. I could honestly not give a shit. This game looks gorgeous, fun, and fast. The number of enemies on screen is amazing, and the grinding/blasting away looks like it would never get old. This is an absolute day one purchase for me.

Xbox, Play Sunset Overdrive. I can't wait to say that.

kewlkat0071641d ago

I knew this game would be BEAST!..Day 1

creatchee1641d ago

I wish the players would've used the transversal more - the video was too ground-based.

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