Project CARS E3 Preview (PSLS)

"The demo itself was only for a handful of laps, but it was enough to get a good feel of the game. Unfortunately for me, I had a couple of crashes when playing Project CARS, not from the driving variety. Still, when the game was running as it should, I honestly could not tell it was any less carefully and lovingly put together than Grant Turismo, DriveClub or even Forza Motorsport." -Eduardo Rebouças

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ftwrthtx1643d ago

Sounds like it still needs work

Skate-AK1642d ago

This wasn't a very good preview. He didn't talk about the handling at all. Or the AI. The two main things in a racing sim.

CernaML1642d ago

The handling reminded me of the Shift series... which was my BIGGEST worry. The car just whips around with a little dab of input lag. Then theres the problem of the framerate being a total disaster. I thought these phonies stated that they got this game running at 60fps on the PS4 already. Its not even close and the image was aliased up the whazoo.

Then theres the problem of one of the devs getting upset when I accessed a "secret" options menu that controls time of day, assists, difficulty, etc. Hmmm I wonder why.

Skate-AK1642d ago

Oh man. I hated Shift 2 Unleashed's handling. It was so bad. I can't believe they haven't fixed the input lag yet. I would say they didn't want you to access that menu because the game would probably crash. When something like that happens the devs just say don't do that? What would happen if you kept going? Think they would take the controller form you?

CernaML1642d ago

He DID take the controller from me so he can reset everything back to default. There was literally only one car and track to try in the same time of day. How unfinished was it?