3DS Weekly Deals: 2DS $100, Zelda: Ocarina of Time $26, Resident Evil Revelations $10 and much more

3DS deals and sales on Nintendo, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Groupon and Target.

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edgarohickman743d ago

I bought Ocarina of Time last night, and I'm amazed by what an amazing game it is so far.

Snookies12743d ago

You never played it before, or are you just talking about the updates to it graphically?

Tom87743d ago

How is resident evil on the 3ds? Is it worth $10?

dannygamer743d ago

It is easily worth $25, a must buy for $10

lebr0n743d ago

Try the demo. I think $10 for it is excellent. It is easily worth 3x that.

dieger743d ago

One of the best portable games in recent history also grinder :3

timothyckeegan743d ago

Is Ocarina of Time worth getting?

cpayne93743d ago

Mother of Obama, what sort of question is that? Its the highest rated 3ds game for a reason.

dieger743d ago

here is a better questions. Ocarina of time or Link between worlds?

thehobbyist742d ago

Ocarina of Time is still $40 at most retail locations for a reason. It's got to be the highest rated and hardest to find(In retail stores) 3DS game of all time.

andrewsimons743d ago

Walmart's $40 eGift Card makes the 3DS XL for $159.99 and 2DS for $89.99. That is a great deal.

LAWSON72743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

I finally got a 2DS at Walmart to use the gift card for fathers day. I also picked up Pokemon Y and I am having a damn good time. The 2DS maybe for kids but it is by far the most comfortable handheld I have ever owned and I kind of like the no hinge.

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