Watch Dogs ‘Social Lubricant’ Achievement/Trophy Punishingly Difficult

"Watch Dogs has left achievement and trophy hunters in a fit of rage. One of the trophies you have to unlock is called ‘Social Lubricant’ it’s a bronze trophy (15 gamerscore on Xbox One and 360) that requires you to complete 30 levels of increasing difficult challenges. It’s a lot of hassle for such a minute reward.

Gamers are rallying for Ubisoft to issue a patch that will decrease the difficulty of the drinking games. One person has even started a petition on to have it patched and it has quite a significant amount of supporters already."

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admiralvic1642d ago

Makes sense. So an achievement is difficult to the point where it feels like an actual achievement, which obviously needs to be patched to the point where it's a joke / easy to do. -rolls eyes-

I miss the days when people persevered and kept trying until it worked. I know things like this can be annoying, but there are a lot of extremely difficult trophy / achievements that give you a real sense of reward accomplishing and are much more fun to earn than "get X of Y," "vanquish Z boss" or "beat blank story stage."

PurpatraitorMGS1642d ago

The mini game isnt on par to the rest of the game.

plus, its a bronze.

admiralvic1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

"The mini game isnt on par to the rest of the game."

A lot of games are like this.

"plus, its a bronze."

So? Its not like there aren't good and bad aspects to it being bronze instead of gold and vice versa. On one hand, since it's only worth 15 G / bronze, it has very little impact on your overall total completion percent and you're not missing out on much if you just walk away. If they were to raise the value, then your completion would drop (it would go from approximately 98% to 91% if it went from bronze to gold on the PSN) and you would be more inclined to deal with it. Furthermore, a lot of games have disproportionate value to the difficulty attached.

Few random examples...

Wolfenstein: Beating the game is gold, beating it on hardest is silver.
Don't Starve: Build the Accomploshrine is gold, beating the story mode is silver.
Spelunky: Beating hell is gold, completing the journal (this requires you to do everything in hell) is silver and unlocking all the secret characters (final one is unlocked by beating hell...) is bronze.
Declassified: Surviving 13 waves is gold, getting 4 double kills on OPS M.I.A. is silver (trust me, this is harder than literally anything else I've ever seen in a CoD game).
Catherine: Beat the game is silver, completing obelisk is bronze.

I could probably list another 100 examples if I had to, but I'm just saying that this is fairly standard.

DragonKnight1642d ago

Who the hell cares? It's just a meaningless trophy?

Honestly, this obsessive compulsive need to measure each other's ePenises is just ridiculous. You gain literally nothing from trophies except bragging rights, in which case amounts to "I won a fictional drinking game."

Wow. That's quite an accomplishment.

liquidhalos1641d ago

It's an achievement, therefore it should feel like an achievement.

alexkoepp1642d ago

Achievements were great for me at first. But as time has gone on I found myself doing grueling tasks and generally gaming, not for fun, but to get an artificial award. You would find people trying (myself included) trying to accomplish meaningless achievements in multiplayer matches, ruining the game for other people by not playing the game in the intended way but doing stupid things for achievements. Achievements should have always been kept to single player only, or at least not have you distracted from playing multiplayer the intended way.

Now I don't even look at or care about achievements, and I have a lot more fun gaming.

wsoutlaw871641d ago

I have fun competing with my friends with trophies and think it can challenge you to do something you wouldnt have tried, but if it isnt fun and its just grinding why would i do it.

chippychan1641d ago

I agree that trophies/achievements should be kept to single-player campaigns. I avoid multiplayer ones because I don't want to waste another player's time just so I can get a particular trophy when I don't even want to play online to begin with.

I personally enjoy trophy hunting, but I've learned not to obsess over platinuming a game with multiplayer trophies that I have no interest is obtaining.

XiNarutoUzumaki1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Lol I got this trophy and the platinum already. It was a pain in the ass for sure, but C'mon people... Don't be pussies.

snake91821641d ago

Same, it isn't even that difficult if you just think about it. Level 6 in Pawnee is the hardest but all i did was pause when each event came up and got my bearings and it was so much easier.

Lwhit61640d ago

Sir, I kindly thank you for giving me this piece of advice.

yeahright21641d ago

Eh, a lot of us don't have the time to sit for hours on end to try and grab this trophy. I myself work 55 or more hours a week, got a wife and two toddlers at home, not to mention I also enjoy reading, watching some TV, and other hobbies. But all of those hobbies take a back seat to the kids.
All in all, I get about one to two hours max to myself each night. This is the last trophy I need to platinum watchdogs, and after three night of trying nothing but this, I've decided to let it go. I'm sure if I had the time and dedicated myself to it, I'd eventually get it, but that's just not an option for me.
I know the majority of gamers don't have the same scenario as me, so I won't gripe too much about it.

In the end, the game should be fun, and spending hours doing the same thing over and over isn't fun. So I'll just move on to the next game.

MaxwellBuddha1642d ago where whiners go to whine.

AndrewLB1642d ago

Exactly! And considering how Obama is doing everything EXCEPT leading the country, there's a good chance he might address the self entitled whining complainers. I mean... what the hell is that guy doing anyway? ISIS, an even more evil group than Al Qaeda has taken over half of Iraq and is heading for baghdad, executing thousands of innocents along the way. We've got tens of thousands of illegal alien children flooding across the border and nobody is stopping them, in fact... they're being allowed to stay. The IRS is still being used as a weapon, not a single person has been brought to justice for Benghazi, our government illegally traded 5 of the top level Taliban commanders for a deserter who tried to join the enemy, and our veterans are waiting 6-9 months for a doctors appointment and are dying by the hundreds because the government is neglecting their job (And soon we'll all be stuck with government run health care because of Obamacare).

Oh yea... he's playing golf out here in palm springs while the nation and world are falling apart. I've said for years that all his actions point toward someone who is intentionally trying to destroy this country. The doubters of that are dwindling quickly.

thereapersson1642d ago

Great comment, AndrewLB. Glad to see someone who is awake and not another partisan slave. Have a bubble!

ITPython1641d ago

Superb comment Andrew, bubble for you. Sadly though I have found that most gaming sites, if not all of them, are full of hardcore Obama worshipers who believe he can do no wrong. And these people are blue in the face with the crippling mental illness known as liberalism. It's a shame, but your comment has fallen on mostly deaf and spiteful ears.

OT: I do enjoy getting the platinum trophy in games when it is reasonable, as this helps me enjoy every part of the game to the fullest. But if I come across trophies that seem a bit ridiculous to get, I just move on don't even bother. Unlike some gamers, I am not a glutton for punishment and don't understand how some people enjoy getting stressed out and ticked off in games. IMO the whole point of playing a video game is to have fun and to enjoy yourself.

Lucreto1641d ago

Wow I don't know where to start.

How is he meant to lead when you have an entire party dedicated to make sure he doesn't. He wants to do something even if it was the other party platform the previous year is now a socialist program. The Iraqis don't want boots on the ground just weapons and support the last time they did that they were used against them.
The illegal immigration is a problem but most states turn a blind eye as they use these people to do jobs no one else will do. One farmers crop withered in the field as he couldn't get Americans to pick they for almost nothing. No party is willing to do anything because votes.
Benghazi is a hard case to prosecute as who is to blame. The Ambassador refused to leave, the confusion on the Intel or the certain party who defunded the embassy security money.
The veterans are better off now than before again a certain party is refusing to work with Obama to fix the situation. In most countries health care is a human right. Obama has played 200 since he took office while a senate minority leader and leader of the house have played 100 games a year.

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matrixman921642d ago

it took me a long time, but I got it. It was a pain, but very do-able

sic_chops1642d ago

I think the complaint is because it's only bronze /15 points. If it's that hard it should be silver or gold and more points

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