Metal Gear Solid Retrospective Review

Continue Play's Alister Price takes a look back at Solid Snake's Playstation debut in Konami's classic Metal Gear Solid, as the site continues to round out it's retrospective looks back at classic videogames.

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showtimefolks1644d ago

very nice can't wait for MGS5

Dynasty20211644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Still easily one of the greatest games of all time.

The alert (!) sound is like a symbol of my gaming childhood.

I remember fighting Psycho Mantis and being blown away that you had to switch from P1 to P2 to beat him.

Miss_Vixen1644d ago

Definitely one of my favorite games I've played during the PSone era.

I couldn't agree more. The fight with Psycho Mantis was a standout. Having to switch control ports. Him playing mind games, telling the player to put the control down & vibrates it (If you had a dual shock controller at the time)

Looking at the back of the CD case..etc It's one of the few games where I completed more than a dozen times.