Pressurecast Episode Thirty: GameTrailers Is Gutted

This week Colin, Steve, and Justin discuss the recent layoffs at GameTrailers, the value of Square-Enix, and the merit of a GTA rerelease. Everything happening in the world of gaming is here on the Pressurecast!

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DrKarateChop1643d ago

Just so everyone knows, the photo isn't a dig at the current or former employees at GameTrailers. I was shocked and saddened to hear about the layoffs, especially given the years of quality hard work each of them provided. The picture is a representation of how I believe they were treated. I am disappointed and hope each and every one of them continue to work in the field. Frankly, they're too talented not to.

showtimefolks1643d ago

this site went down after their update few years ago. It use to be so much fun within the forums and stuff. Only thing needing fixing was the video player

instead we got a site which was just bad, slow and very confusing. but some of GT's shows are still great so its sad to see some of the creators of those shows being let go

lzim1643d ago

For sure. Can't believe they were forced to strip so much down from the site.

ravinash1642d ago

I used to enjoy Game Trailers, but the ads just got in the way.
Every clip would you get stuck watching the same ad over and over and often the ad was longer than the clip you wanted to watch.
I could onl get through one or two items before I gave up.

GamingSinceThe80s1642d ago

I was just thinking Gametrailers got bought around the same time out of nowhere Adam Sessler up and left Rev 3 for seemingly no real reson.Then he was at this years E3 and even sat in on some of GT's live segments.What if GT signed him and are just going to use all these other guy pay checks to pay him.This is just a crazy theory that just came to me but as I'm typing it the more real it seems to me.Or maybe it's just late and I should get some sleep

zeroskie1642d ago

It's too bad about GT. I gradually just stopped visiting their website because it was cumbersome and the video player is the worst. Also some of their personalities are kind of annoying. Hope they can pull it together.

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