JM | E3 2014: Project Morpheus Gameplay Impressions

"If there was one thing I had to see at E3 2014, it was Project Morpheus. VR is just a fantasy every gamer has ever had since their first go at Pong. I have to say, my short experience with Sony’s latest video game innovation was pretty fun."

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DougLord1643d ago

Any idea when this will be out. This might make me buy a PS4.

SweatyFlorida1642d ago

Late next year at the least, probably will dip into 2016. Sony have said the tech is finished, all they need is convincing games to form a catalog to release the hardware with.

DigitalRaptor1642d ago

Yeah, that's my impression too.

I think they will announce a price point at GDC or E3 2015. But they'll bring it to all conventions throughout the year, whilst adding new demos to the mix to keep the interest alive and breathing.

I hope for its sooner, but you can't rush great content.

ibrake4naps1643d ago

they should throw in these demos with the morpheus!

XtraTrstrL1643d ago

Awesome! The PS Now Beta code worked, doing the connection test now.

SpinalRemains1381643d ago

I'm very much looking FWD to trying Morpheus. Everyone I know who has tried it, says it's very very cool; and two of them prefer it over The Rift.