'Alien: Isolation' still haunted by the failure of 'Colonial Marines'

Sega and Creative Assembly are attempting to redefine the horror-survival genre with Alien: Isolation, but every attempt to demonstrate the games uniqueness has been overshadowed by the failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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stanr1498d ago

Are we being too harsh to judge Isolation based on the failure of Colonial Marines? Or will this be a brilliant marketing ploy by dropping everyones expectations so low that the finished work will look good, just like with the Robocop remake.

Hellsvacancy1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The Robocop remake sucked balls, unless you mean the Real Robocop remake? that was fun

I'm looking forward to a new Alien game

Nitrowolf21498d ago

That remake was awful though lol

camel_toad1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Ill always have hope with every new aliens game despite the pitiful track record. The franchise has such great potential its a shame no ones really been successful making it into a game.

What we really need is Jerry McGuire The Game. It would have me at hello.

XiNarutoUzumaki1498d ago

Temper your expectations guys. This game is gonna suck.

The Aliens License has no future no matter what devs make the game.

Dudebro901498d ago

You'll be eating crow in October. Bookmark this page.

Inception1498d ago

Nope, the one who sucks is Naruto. I'm used to be a fans of Naruto. But after Jiraiya's dead, the manga & anime gone downhill. One example just look at the final arc and the latest chapter for Naruto. Kishimoto took a lot of shortcuts that made the story stinks like a big pile of horse s* and more of a crappy clone of DBZ.

josephayal1498d ago

colonian marines is awesome

mixelon1498d ago

... That is something I never thought I'd read. XD

Mr Tretton1498d ago

our fave stealth troll is back

Fringe_Agent131498d ago

It really is and this game looks great to me.

Akuma2K1498d ago

I know this is going to be a good game, this game has nothing to do with colonial the game pre-ordered and paid for, oct 7th can't get here fast enough.

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