E3 2014: 'The Golf Club' Gives PGA Tour a Run for its Money | Hardcore Gamer

HG: The Golf Club landed on Steam Early Access a few months back but, while the PC will be one of its homes, there will be plenty of other options available. The E3 show floor had the game on the PS4 and the Xbox One, looking sharp on both, and we got to chat with the developers over at Microsoft's booth about the development and features this ambitious golf game has implemented.

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ValKilmer1645d ago

I think Mario Golf still has them both beat.

1645d ago
randomass1711645d ago

lol I'll take any cartoony spin-off over a sports simulator game.

3-4-51644d ago

* Get to Create my own Courses, & Tournaments & Leagues to play these courses within ?

Endless replay value.

WeAreLegion1645d ago

Played nine holes at E3. They gave away entire boxes of golf balls for playing. The dev I talked to was awesome and I really enjoyed the game. Can't wait to get it.

stavrami-mk21645d ago

I'm looking forward to this game but can't find any news on release Date. anyone know?

stavrami-mk21644d ago

Nice one been looking everywhere can't find a thing on it about a release date. other than just a q2 schedule but through lack of news I Had a feeling it was delayed

DCfan1645d ago

I'll stick to Yakuza 3's golf game thank you.

cfc831645d ago

Im hoping to get this game aswell. Editing your own course and then using VR would probably appeal to many. Not sure i'll ever have vr though.