Sony’s Open World Zombie MMORPG H1Z1 Gets New Terrifying Screenshots

Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 is a bit of a wildcard in the MMO scenario. It appeared almost out of nowhere with really big promises, and it created a quite dedicated following between the lovers of the zombie genre and those that enjoy open world games.

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Ol_Boy1496d ago

Aren't those screens old? Anyway the game looks decent graphics wise. Hopefully they start development on the ps4 soon.

CaptainCamper1496d ago

Yeah...Most of those were released in May...Oh well. It's DS after all.

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Anthotis1496d ago

Yeah, i'm definitely gonna soil myself playing this.

Ol_Boy1495d ago

Yea eventually. They're currently only working on the PC version.

PFFT1495d ago

Key word EVENTUALLY, the Ps4 version will be released in 2 or 3 years give or take. I mean they are having a hard time releasing planetside 2 on the Ps4 so yeah 2 or 3 years sounds about right.

frostypants1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Nah, I'd guess 12-18 months or so. A lot of what they learn with Planetside 2 will help speed up development of H1Z1. Same engine and all.

lfc_4eva1495d ago

Looks promising. I don't know much about this. Is it a next gen L4D type of game?