Will Fallout 4 Feature An Always Online DRM And Micro-transactions?

GamingBolt: "Another E3 has come and gone by but Bethesda have not revealed any new information about the next entry in the Fallout franchise. It seems that it will be that way for sometime to come but at least they have been cryptically hinting it via trademark registrations and job listings. Despite the lack of any new details, we will keep speculating on what what Bethesda could add into Fallout 4."

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Activemessiah1641d ago

It's Bethesda so.. It's definitely not beneath them to try something that.

Hatestorm1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Can't wait for the Bighorner armor DLC.

darx1641d ago

Will Bethesda add eleves and aliens to Fallout 4....what a stupid article!

Geekman1640d ago


Wait, this is from Bestheda?


showtimefolks1640d ago

i don't think so, Bethesda isn't as bad as some make them out to be. I see Fallout 4 the same as always, single player offline gameplay

now micro transactions are here to stay but its one of those things i don't pay much attention to. I buy the game work hard to earn stuff within the game. Don't want to spend real money when i have already spent $60 plus at launch

i just don't understand what's taking them so damn long. Some of these companies could make so much money yet they keep wasting their time on stupid crap

Skyrim should have been on ps4/xbox one

Square Enix:

loosing money yet fans have been asking from KH3 and new FF(not that FF13 crap)

stop wasting your time and make fallout 4, IMO the earliest we will see FO4 is 2016, and that's truly sad, because its been a while since new vegas(and that wasn't even done by main Bethesda team)

qzp1640d ago

In Todd Howard i trust

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The story is too old to be commented.