Splatoon hands-on E3 preview: The most original Nintendo game in years Splatoon | Postmedia

The company likes to be different and sometimes this works in its favour and other times it doesn’t. In the case of Splatoon, the game defines everything wonderful about Nintendo. It’s quirky, strange, original and unlike anything I’ve ever played before.

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Nine_Thousaaandd1561d ago

It looks very promising, great looking new IP for Nintendo. Ink warfare only on Wii U...

"The game doesn’t even focus on the traditional shooter mechanic of whatever team has the most kills wins. Instead, the team who manages to plaster the level with more of their color is crowned victor."

Wow...sounds like nothing but pure fun!

coolbeans1561d ago

One of my favorite surprises of this year's E3.

Pancit_Canton1560d ago

They just copy of bomberman

Venox20081560d ago

maybe copy paste of Tetris?

ktorc1560d ago

I like it too.This game look so fun!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1560d ago

a very fun looking title that could be a future SSB or MK selling franchise if done correctly.

The only problem I could foresee with this game is a lack of diverse arenas-
And YES I know that This is just a demo-

I hope that they have wild levels that force you or allow you to use paint swimming in wild ways, like shooting the wall and shooting a path on a ceiling in order to swim across a gap.

Also, a level editor... would not be hated.