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"A massive surprise was granted to Playstation fans during Sony’s E3 2014 Media Presentation when they premiered the first footage of the indie title Entwined… the twist being that upon the conclusion of the presentation the game would be available to Playstation 4, 3 and Vita owners that same day! The game comes from rookie developer Pixelopus and is their debut project demonstrating an extraordinary show of faith from a mega publisher such as Sony, so does the game meet the very sudden lofty expectations that a single E3 trailer created? Read on to find out."
An extract from AMHNetwork's review of Entwined - Agree with their thoughts?

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Thatguy-3101640d ago

Though the gameplay is simple I'd say it's quite addicting. The goal of getting through a level really takes a toll on you. I was really close in smashing my TV though lol

GamingSinceThe80s1639d ago

Hard for me to justify buying most of these indie games anymore.Because whenever I do they end up being free on PS Plus or XB Live a few months later.So I basically loose the money spent on the game at the time I bought it and the money /value of Plus and gold. Waiting=win win!Instead of lose lose.

Kiddcarter1639d ago

I'm glad I bought this, had my doubts at first because the gameplay looked so simple on the streams I watched, but once I played it myself it pulled me in and I must say it's my favorite purchase I've made so far on ps4

Moe-Gunz1639d ago

Probably going to pick it up today.