High Quality Evolve Gameplay Footage of the Kraken In Action

Here is some high quality footage from Evolve. The video shows 4 hunters taking on the newly revealed monster "The Kraken".

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1643d ago

This is easily the best time to be a gamer.... this gen just turned into something amazing. This game surely looks great.

starchild1643d ago

Yeah, it looks very nice, and like a ton of fun to play.

fr0sty1643d ago

Unreal Engine 4 really shines with this one.

Eyesoftheraven1643d ago

This game looks really fun and very pretty. My only concern is how fulfilling it feels to play as either side. I imagine it feels as if the monster is invulnerable, like you're not doing any damage with no procedural aesthetic damage. Same thing when playing as the monster if, after at most, a few good hits you don't smash the tiny characters to bits, wouldn't playing as the monster feel weak and cumbersome?

XBOTTOX1643d ago

Well there is procedural damage on the monster I don't know about the human characters.

Eyesoftheraven1643d ago

Nothing like this, where every hit dramatically change the mesh to reveal additional layers of detail/blending.

NovusTerminus1643d ago

I thought it was Cthulhu... makes me a little sad.

Still love the way this game looks.

masterfox1643d ago

so you kill the monster and then what ?,.................... what a waste of visuals.

e-p-ayeaH1643d ago

The hunt is the whole point of the game i think

ScottyHoss1643d ago

I agree with you masterfox, it just seems like trading blow after useless blow. Maybe it's different while playing and it feels more like a competition between both teams but it looked lame there to be honest. I'll still give it a go if it gets positive reviews -__- no demo on PS4..

Spinal1643d ago

Agree. This game needs more game modes. It would get boring quickly. Kill the same monster how many times?

I love left 4 dead but I won't be gettin this.

VerminSC1643d ago

My most anticipated game!

I had more fun with L4D than nearly any game

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