Does the Japanese Final Fantasy X Feature the Macarena?

Legends of Localization: "A common question I’ve been getting lately is about a small bit of text in the Final Fantasy X English translation.

This is famous among English-speaking fans – right in the middle of a mandatory, main event scene is a reference to the Macarena, complete with the weird-sounding “aye”?! Surely this wasn’t in the Japanese version, right?"

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Geobros1643d ago

I loved that song....Macarena!!!

Lon3wolf1643d ago


Sorry I'll get my coat.

Ripsta7th1643d ago

No , they replaced the Japanese one with Gangnam Style

DiscoKid1643d ago

ROFL. I don't even remember this.

masterfox1643d ago

ok that was a waste of PHP communication, html webpaging and CSS presentation.