E3 2014: How Microsoft Fixed the Xbox One in a Single Day

Hardcore Gamer: The One was broken, and it seemed like fixing it would take a couple years. Nope, as it turns out, just a few days is enough.

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ValKilmer1640d ago

It's really exciting to have a console war again. Sony slipped a bit this year by devoting 10 minutes of their press conference to a cartoon they didn't have footage for.

FlunkinMonkey1640d ago

We'll see how hard Sony have 'slipped up' when the next article about Sony dominating monthly sales is released.

I could say MS slipped up by showing a whole show of multiplatforms and a large majority otherwise of CG. No one took the trophy home.

The momentum is still entirely with Sony.

NewMonday1640d ago


Sony had more games and more real-time footage so they did better than MS yet again.

ats19921640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


You are like broken record saying the same crap every day. All you do is troll yet you have 10 bubbles shows how broken this website is. Sony could show nothing but Tv stuff at E3 and you would still claim they won E3 over Microsoft and Nintendo.

MysticStrummer1640d ago

"The momentum is still entirely with Sony"

I'd say so, but we'll see. What MS has done to "fix" XB1 was actually done before E3. I think MS missed a big opportunity with E3 itself.

FlunkinMonkey1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


And you're creating multiple accounts to boost your agenda. At least he is actually showing his true face/account when speaking..

If anything is proving how broken this website is, it's the second account cowards who are plaguing the site.

Your talk about TV is unfounded as it was a small amount of the conference. The games are subjective, but for many the games are much more exciting than the XBone offerings, and if the past is anything to go by, will be entirely superior, which have been proven by the accolades awarded.

See you on your next new account.

BELOW: You're not fooling anyone, ha. I have 2 bubbles because I don't care. You technically have less bubbles because you have had to create multiple accounts. How am i a troll, I support Sony for valid reasons which i discuss in depth, you hide behind a 2nd account, i know which one is leading more towards the trolling persona.

ats19921640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


What are you talking about me making me making multiple accounts? This is the only one i have lol you keep making up them stories man. Oh and there is a reason you only have two bubbles ;). You don't care because your nothing but a troll and you lost your bubbles because of the trolling but whatever man have fun thinking i have more than one account.

Please tell me what my other account is since you think i have one i would like to know.

ABizzel11640d ago

Microsoft's problems aren't going to be fixed by E3. Their biggest problems were pricing which was fixed before E3, and their image with the masses which is going to take a couple of years to fix.

What E3 2014 did for them was put faith back into the XBO community that games are coming, and things will be looking up for them since core gaming is their new number 1 focus. It also showed core 360 fans lingering on the fence that they can still count on MS to offer a great Xbox experience.

As far as mass appeal, it's a bit too late to fix that after all the bad publicity, and the best they can do is produce out good exclusives, keep having good E3's, and provide unique and exclusive content and features in future updates.

Things are definitely bright for them, and their fans are back on board, but the damage to their mass appeal has been done until later in this generation when people are looking for a second or third console.

E3 2014 restored my faith in the XBO, but I still don't need one until 2015, as I'm currently happy with my PS4 + PC + Wii U + 3DS + PSV + PS3 + 360.

corvusmd1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago ) realize it took them 30 extra minutes to show 2 extra minutes of games right? I'm not sure that is the bragging point you're thinking it is.

Either way...this is an article about X1 fixing ITSELF, we don't need all this fanboy war nonsense here...not EVERYTHING has to be about PS4 vs X1 and who is "better"...just let it games. The constant trolling and junk has gone on long it just looks really insecure to do crap like this. Be a gamer...

As much as many fanboys wish to think, it's not even really about how much it sells compared to long as it's even relatively competitive. In actuality, other than pride, MS really doesn't care about selling more than Sony, they just wanna make sure it's profitable enough to keep doing it...and as long as that happens they will keep putting money into it.

Lawboy21639d ago

@ abizzle

I totally agree...and even though I wish u try the xbox one out I think that ur statement was well thought out and logical

No_Limit1639d ago


Man,I thought MariHelFutura was the champion in repeating the same propaganda over and over in every positive xbox articles, but man, you are definitely giving her a run for the money.

Pogmathoin1639d ago

Look at yesterdays comments, newmonday broke it down to how many seconds Sony devoted to each game, and informed us all that anyone who shares his perspective will see Sony won E3 in a landslide..... Yeah, the skipping record..... This guy is really hurting that MS had a great E3, but this year was not nowhere near as good as previous years..... But still..... Sony showed up, therefore they won.... Anyone with a clear objective can see that.......

Automatic791639d ago

@FlunkinMonkey so now its about sales why were you not saying that when Xbox 360 dominated. Surely it can't be about sales since both are doing fantastic. Give MS credit. Just like I gave the first part of Sony's show and last credit the 30+ minutes to tv, tech, YouTube, power and movies was boring.

MysticStrummer1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"so now its about sales why were you not saying that when Xbox 360 dominated."

Probably because PS3 wasn't out during that time.

"Surely it can't be about sales since both are doing fantastic"

If XB1 was doing fantastic MS wouldn't have made the integral Kinect optional so soon. Somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of XB1's total sales prior to E3 happened in 2013. That's not fantastic.

Magnes1639d ago

One thing is for sure if the point of all the console war stuff is to convince undecided people which is better, no one here will convince them of anything except there is nothing but hate on n4g. I'll admit I've thrown a bit of mud, but seriously we gotta calm down. They are pieces of plastic and we are brothers in arms lovers of games.

NewMonday1639d ago

Just responding to @ValKilmer spreading FUD

ABizzel11639d ago


Thank you, and I've tried out the XBO and it's a nice console, but I just don't need it right now.

Last generation my Xbox 360 was used to buy exclusives and multiplats since most multiplats performed better on the 360, and I enjoy my 360 friends list more since more of my friends and family were there. My PS3 was used for exclusives (which made it my go to console), and the occasional superior multiplat.

This gen most games will be superior on PS4, so the XBO has already lost of it's main selling points to me. Which means the console now has to sell me on exclusives, and there simply won't be enough to get me until 2015 (although if there's a good bundle on Black Friday I'll jump on it).

I'm looking forward to Quantum Break, Scalebound, Sunset Overdrive, Gears, and surprisingly Halo. Most of those games are 2015 so I can simply wait.

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geddesmond1640d ago

Sony hasn't slipped. As long as multiplats look and perform better on the PS4 then Sony will never slip. It was the only real advantage the 360 had over the PS3.

What I find funny is MS stopped supporting the 360 2 years ago and focused on X1 development. While Sony still supported the PS3. Now X1 owners are saying things like we have the better games or we have 2014 locked down. Lol really, what til you see next year for Sony. MS will never catch up with Sony this gen. Third place fail lol.

christocolus1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

What you talking about. The xbox 360 got titanfall and will be getting project spark and forza horizon2 this year. So much for MS ignoring the 360. However,this is an article about how microsoft fixed the xbox one. I really don't understand the trolling and offtopic comments in every xbox article..the xbox dx 12 articles always have the same effect on the same people even the article about xbox one games to look forward to in 2015 is still being trolled. Lmao.what is it about? You guys are a weird bunch, if you don't care then why bother so much?

geddesmond1639d ago

@ Chrisocolus

Yeah compare that amount of exclusives to the true exclusives only found on PS3 that Sony brought ps3 owners over the past few years.

As for the DX12. I like many people will believe it once I see the improvements but as technology goes if those results are reachable on the X1 then other companies won't be long behind with their versions.

I don't care, I just find it very laughable at all the reasoning and hope X1 fans are filled with. What I do care about as a gamer though even though it is a long shot for them is not seeing them win this gen because there is nothing stopping them from doing a 360(pun intended)on all that BS they said last E3.

thegood331639d ago

As a 360/ps4 gamer, I must say, I enjoyed the Microsoft E3 much more than Sony's. They did a good job of showing that they are once committed to games first and foremost.

Not saying X1 will win this gen, but they sure as hell haven't completely lost it either.

I like both consoles, and think you really can't go wrong with either. Now it's time for some fresh new games that aren't sequels etc...that's what this gen is currently lacking IMO (excluding Watch Dogs).

geddesmond1639d ago


Your right Sony's E3 was terrible but so was MS's. Neither one of them impressed me. I already heard about From softwares and Sony Japans game before E3. LBP3 SMH I'm 29 years old, theres no appeal. Indies?/? I don't want any Indies, AAA all the way for me and I already knew UC4 would look amazing cause its ND.

What I do know is Multiplats look better on PS4 and Sony has a lot of sequels and new IPs being worked on for the PS4 so what advantage does the X1 have over PS4. Plus youtube uploading was very big IMO. Now I will be able to free up hard drive space by uploaded my best gameplay moments I want to keep straight to youtube. Free cloud storage lol.

Automatic791639d ago

@ geddesmond

What are you talking about Xbox 360 Got World of of tanks, Fable Anniversary, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare(timed Exclusive in February), Max and the Cursed brotherhood, Titanfall, Warface, Ascends new God's and forza Horizon. What kind of logic are you fanboys lying about and Xbox 360 is on its 8th year what have the completion in last gen giving you this year.

Note stay on topic and stop trolling thi generation has just started the pendulum can swing in any direction. The first few months don't dictate an 8-10 year cycle.

maniacmayhem1639d ago

What exclusives did Sony bring to the PS3 this year? I know they have MLB the Show but I can't think of anything else.

In fact did Sony even announce any exclusives for the PS3 at their E3?

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Eonjay1639d ago

Fortunately, you wont have to wait too long to find out if you are right or not.

hello121640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Well its all meaningless if Microsoft can't close the sales gap on Sony. They've got a problem if gamers are still picking up the PS4 over the xb1, this year and next.

To be honest selling in 13 countries and Sony 72 countries, is an issue too. That will change this September more people can buy the xb1 in other countries. 52 more countries, i heard.

Software_Lover1640d ago

If it sells more than the 360, I'm sure Microsoft will be happy.

BX811640d ago

I sort of disagree. If they get close to sony sales then great but MS should focus on beating the 360. If they can do that then great.

IRetrouk1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Wrong post

IRetrouk1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Do tell what countries will help the xbox one sell almost an extra four million consoles? They have improved the console greatly and I now want one, im just hoping for some limited edition one to come out soon.

hello121640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

84 million consoles sold announced last week. Last word from Sony on the matter November 2013 (80 million shipped) Microsoft was 83.7 million March 2013. So just to point out Sony likely is behind Microsoft. 360 is the leading platform last gen. All important to what i say next.

Breakdown of sales worldwide 360

Canada 870,000 as of August 1, 2008[1] November 22, 2005

United States 25.4 million as of March 31, 2011[2]

EMEA region
(Europe, Middle East and Africa) 13.7 million as of March 31, 2011[2]

(Includes UK sales) December 2, 2005
United Kingdom 8 million as of February 14, 2013[3]

Japan 1.6 million as of February 26, 2014[4] December 10, 2005

Australia & New Zealand 1 million as of April 19, 2010[5] March 23, 2006
Worldwide 78.2 million [6] as of September 30, 2013[7

84 million in total up to June 2014. While the the UK and United States were best for 360 sales. It sold in other regions too.

8 million sold in the UK up to early 2013
25.4 United States up to 2011.

So the 360 sold very well outside the two main regions.

China might yet play a part.

[email protected] Really what official figures are they might i ask? Can you show me the Sony sales figures for December 2013 up till now. I'm curious?

IRetrouk1640d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Firstly the wii was the leading console last gen, secondly official numbers have the ps3 leading the 360, this is fact and not disputable. the rest of your post is quoting lifetime sales at me? I could easily quote you ps3s lifetime numbers in all the various regions but you know what? It doesnt matter, one gens sales to the next cant really be compared or even used as a quide. Look at nintendo for proof of that or even sonys own consoles as well as microsofts, your post as normal is way off the mark, but as usual you miss the point, microsoft do not have to sell as much as sony to make their mark, one always leads, that just the way it is.

Up till that point in nov is what I should have said, sony havent released those figures yet so yeah my bad, but my point still stands, you have based your whole argument on past sales without even factoring in everything and applying it to the xbox one, anybody that has gamed for a good length of time knows one gen to the next produces radically different results, good and bad

DigitalRaptor1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


What the f**k, citations are you using there? No links to data. How oddly... suspicious....

FACE FACTS. PS3 passed the 360 in global sales in 2012. Official data has PS3 ahead of the 360 in global sales, and there's nothing that would suggest that has changed when The Last of Us came out on the PS3 only 12 months ago to mass critical acclaim and sold 5+ million.

FACE FACTS. Had the PS3 released at the same time as the 360, it would be 10 million units ahead. No amount of inconsistent and inconclusive number comparisons will change that.

DougLord1639d ago

40% of 360s were sold in countries where XBONE isn't available. Will that make it sell more than PS4? Who knows, probably not, as PS3 sold slightly more than 360 and PS4 is doing better than PS3 in US. But the significant drop in Japan's demand for any console could hurt PS4.

China and India are going to be big territories this cycle. All of SE Asia. A lot of these countries really hate Japan because of WW2. Ever see a Toyota in Beijing?

It will be fun to watch, and in the end both will sell more than their predecessor and thus be huge successes. No need for me to shit on PS4 owners to enjoy my Xbone. Not sure why so many PS4 owners can't seem to enjoy their games unless Xbone owners are miserable.

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Why o why1640d ago

That's a lot more countries but I think many believe those countries won't make too much of a difference. Ms went into the markets they sold better in. The 2 main places the 360 sold better in have been converted to ps4 zones up until this point. 1 E3 could never make that difference.

DigitalRaptor1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Yeah.... Them selling XB1's in Nicaragua, Romania and Argentina will help them close a 4 million gap that is showing no signs of closing, and a brand that is on fire with momentum showing no signs of slowing, and has always been the more popular gaming brand.

It's time to face that they've already released in their strong regions, and PS4 is remaining ahead in the 2 strongest regions, after a price cut, Kinect removal, Halo announcements and gaming-focused E3.

JeffGUNZ1639d ago

hahahah E3, price cut, and Halo all happened at E3. The Kinectless Xbox one didn't even release till their E3 conference. So, if it didn't sell 4 million in one week from their E3 conference, it will never happen? This is going to be a 10 year cycle. Why don't we get several years under our belts before we start hoisting our make believe trophies?

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Scatpants1640d ago

I gotta say I was really disappointed by all the CG trailers in the MS show. Those games could look and play terribly for all I know. I have no idea what they look like because Microsoft didn't actually show them.

Slevon1639d ago

They showed gameplay for Halo MCC, Fable, Forza Horizon, Sunset over, Ori and the blind forest :S the only games that got cg were scalebound and phantom dust. I may be mistaken but i remember alot of gameplay and actual live gameplay demos.

D-riders1640d ago

wow its so funny that people keep commenting on sony talking about tv. same thing they did last year but there was no problem. It seems like fanboys want to draw attention to that to make it look like sony did something wrong. Xbox didnt fix its self over night nor is it in a better position than it was before the show. They showed no innovation, in the game industry. Just rehashed games and a few new one.
did everyone one miss that you can play games on the ps4 with your friends if you dont own them( farcry4). or that sony was releasing games during the show. Out of the three nintendo won sony came in close second and Ms was last. plus when your show is a half hour longer than your comp its ok to show ten mins of bull

_LarZen_1639d ago

It's still the weakest next-gen gaming console.

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