Today Is the Last Day to Get Dark Souls Free on Xbox Live

Today is the last day Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download Dark Souls for free.

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matt139950d ago

No point, it's such a crap game.

Jag-T1000950d ago

Oh God! Someone had to complain.

VegasDawg950d ago

Oh master would you please share your knowledge of what games are good or bad since your opinion is the only one that counts.smh

GearSkiN950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Hate to say it but yea I just can't get into this game, but im glad others do.

shmeedy24685950d ago

I got it the first day it was made available :)

urwifeminder950d ago

Meh will give it a miss too many others to play.

GarrusVakarian950d ago

Dark Souls is multiplat............


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