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Why Grand Theft Auto V Cross-Gen Is A Great Thing

"With the E3 announcement that Grand Theft Auto V will be a cross-gen title, we were a little more excited than normal. Here are the reasons why." -Play Legit (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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ArchangelMike  +   415d ago
I've been waiting for GTA V PS4 since it released on las gen consoles. This and The Last of Us are the only games that I reckon are really worth remastering, and playing again on next gen consoles. But yeah, I do hope Rockstar sweeten the seal and add extra story DLC or something similar.
bacrec1  +   415d ago
I really think they will.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   415d ago
I don't think its worth ANOTHER 60$ bucks though. I'll probably pick it up when its cheaper.


Lol no, its not. The story is terrific in all but the MP almost killed it.

I dunno if I wanna pay another 60 bucks for a next gen look of the game which looks fantastic but another whole 60$ fantastic?

Maybe a cool 30 bucks.
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TheSaint  +   415d ago
No, it's worth double that.
lemoncake  +   415d ago
I played it so much that i also dont think its personally worth paying full price for again. If it had some extra content then i would probably get it sooner but as it stands i will wait for it to drop down a bit.

There is also just so much other stuff at the time of release to buy, which i haven't already played to death so its low on that list.
Yi-Long  +   415d ago
It's very simple: If you haven't played it before because you waited for a next-gen version, it will be worth 50-60 bucks for most people, and if you DID play it before, you can probably wait a bit till it comes down to 20-30 bucks.

Personally, I never played it before, so I'm likely to pick it up at launch, although it depends on what they'll announce, DLC-wise.

As I've always said before, 50-60 bucks is the maximum I'm willing to spend on a complete experience, so if this releases without content that they'll be selling separately, then I can wait a bit longer.
TheSaint  +   415d ago
I've had hundreds of hours of enjoyment from GTA:V and GTA:O, it (IMO) is easily worth double that.

Hell I'd probably pay $60 each for V and O.

R* (like only two or three other devs) could charge double and probably get away with it. Well maybe not but you see my point.

Of course this is all just my opinion.

They have been responsible for some of the highest rated (critically and otherwise)and biggest selling games of the last two gens.

That's not opinion though, that's fact.
KAEM7  +   415d ago
I agree. But I will wait and see. If it is just a graphic improvement then another 60 bucks will be too much for me. If they put in new content and add a lot of things/improvements to the original content I might bite.
objdadon  +   415d ago
Trust me, you will be waiting a hell of a long time for gta 5 to go down to 30.00! Lol!
Yi-Long  +   414d ago
@Objdadon: I doubt it. 6 months tops. It will be competing with a lot of 'true' next-gen games this winter, so after the initial rush of people buying it because they want to play it again or they've waited for this next-gen version, sales and excitement will most likely drop withing 2-3 months, so the price will adjust to that situation.

I'll be in Hong Kong this fall, so no doubt I'll be able to pick it up for around 400HK$ (or less), which is about 40 euro. And in Holland it will probably have first week sales, where it will sell for 45-50 euro.

Don't forget last gen Valve released 'The Orange Box', which were 5 amazing great games, and even that very quickly dropped in price.
Matt666  +   415d ago
Why it not because I already have this game and instead of Rockstar wasting there time and money on a game that millions of people already have (Expect PC but then release it). Rockstar should of put there time and resources into a new game or sequel. If they wanted to remake a game into HD remake GTAVC/SA into HD.
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weekev15  +   415d ago
Id still really love this on WiiU. Imagine what they could do with the gamepad. Im actually fairly certain it'd make more than it cost to port, they already said they had it running on WiiU. Come on Rockstar/Take 2, make it happen?!
randomass171  +   415d ago
A Wii U version would be cool, but the unfortunate thing is the current install base is not a healthy market for third parties. There are exceptions of course, but third party games generally have not sold well on Wii U, to the point where ports just aren't worth it to the devs. It's extremely unfortunate but it's true.
bacrec1  +   415d ago
Even just a simple Radio Station change with it would be cool.
Ripsta7th  +   415d ago
Online radio :p
voodoogts  +   415d ago
Another way to shed out another $60 .
WeAreLegion  +   415d ago
Nothing in this world will be able to stop me from handing Rockstar my wallet. I usually have such strong willpower, too.
TheSaint  +   415d ago
Has there been a better dev in the last two generations?
WeAreLegion  +   415d ago
I'm not sure. Naughty Dog is definitely up there, but they're a smaller studio. Rockstar has several teams and locations.
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Audiggity  +   414d ago
I agree. I have no willpower when it comes to Rockstar. My allegiance was fading slowly without the next-gen announcement and I had my doubts about transferring characters over from GTA:Online.

They came through on both.

Shame on me for questioning them.
tweet75  +   415d ago
its not good in the fact taht its another previous gen remaster. Im just afraid this could back fire on companies if they keep doing this.
Spinal  +   415d ago
No it won't backfire. Cause we the consumers want these games on our new consoles. I've been waitin for GTA 5 to come to PC but now I'll get it on my ps4 because I feel it's better suited to console.

Also I'll get it on PC some day on a steam deal when the community have made some awesome mods.
DARK WITNESS  +   415d ago
It will backfire for other publishers/dev's if they are stupid enough to try this.

It can work for GTA and TLOU because those two games are arguably the two best games of the last generation and they were released late enough that their prob are a few people who have not played them yet.

I really don't see many other games getting away with it though.
BattleAxe  +   415d ago
So now people like cross-gen......
Ripsta7th  +   415d ago
Depends if the game is worth porting into this gen, which in this case it definitely is
TheBurger29  +   415d ago
$60 is a joke for a remastered game like gta 5. How many copies have they sold already? And how much are they making from the money cards? Sounds like a pretty big scam to me...
Dynasty2021  +   415d ago
It's not $60 on PC.

And we get the better version with better AI, draw distance, better animals etc.
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SpinalRemains138  +   415d ago
Yeah but you're playing it on a PC!
Audiggity  +   414d ago
It's a joke if the game is being repackaged and sold again. But, they are putting a ton of work into the next gen version...

I paid $60 Day 1 for GTAV on 360 and I'll happily pay $60 on Day 1 for GTAV on PC.

I can't think of many other games I would say this about. But, transferring over my 70 hour GTA:Online character to the significantly enhanced PC version? Yes please.

I would also bet that Heists and the Casino will have been released, vetted, patched and ready to go alongside the next gen releases.

A new GPU for GTAV? Yep.
MrRaccoon90  +   415d ago
Personally I love Rockstar Games so... I loved GTA V and I am arguing with myself if I'm getting it On PC, Or PS4 I am not sure. I bet there will be new DLC included and maybe better Multiplayer. Who knows. I'm excited.
Priestwithgun  +   415d ago
Great thing that I am buying my first pc this week
shmeedy24685  +   414d ago
I've ordered it for PC, can't wait to see the mods that people will create.
andron666  +   414d ago
It was a no brainer really, who wasn't expecting GTAV to go next gen too?

It makes financial sense for Rock* and us players. I mean how long until next game? So porting GTAV was what I was expecting all along...
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spacedelete  +   414d ago
GTA V is like the only worthwhile game from last gen. this now makes the 360 and PS3 utterly pointless.
kingduqc  +   414d ago
remastered, another gimick made because of old console hardware for money grab.

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