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Final Fantasy 15 Seems To Be In Development Hell, Kingdom Hearts 3 Intro Detailed

Last week, when Square Enix published their E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5, they added a little teaser for Kingdom Hearts III. We knew that already. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

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richierich  +   484d ago
Hasnt this game been in develpment hell for nearly a decade
iamtehpwn  +   484d ago
What Square Enix doesn't understand is, It'd be easier for us to wait a little longer or "please, Please be excited" if they at very, very least just released a hand full of screenshots every few weeks to keep us going.
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Irishguy95  +   484d ago
Yeah its been so long, literally a screenshot a week with a trailer or gameplay vid or progression vid(like Bungie did) every few weeks -> Months(vids). They just pretend it doesn't exist for us. They have no clue. They are waiting until Ps4/X1 have more sales instead of being the reason to buy the console way back when. Shows how much has changed since Square Soft days
UltimateMaster  +   484d ago
At least we should expect Type-0 coming soon.
By "coming soon" in Square-Enix terms, I do mean before E3 2016.
colonel179  +   484d ago
It's not in development hell. Even the higher ups of Square Enix have said that they are waiting to the install base to be higher before they show it. They are being greedy, and they are in a position that they should be begging us (the consumers), not us to them.

The guy that runs the Final Fantasy brand (forgot his name) should get fired ASAP. He is going to run the brand to the ground. He already made so much damage with FFXIII, people are pissed that Type-0 wasn't announced for the Vita.

It's like they take avery plea from fans, and their job is to do the exact OPPOSITE!
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UltimateMaster  +   484d ago
Type-0 on Vita.
Can't wait eternally, just release it already.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   484d ago
I get that type zero isn't on vita and that sucks(hey I own a oled vita) BUT, we do have remote play.
CertifiedGamer  +   484d ago
They are waiting for install base to get higher than make fans wait another year for the game yet again. This is the reason games need a deadline, sometimes games get rushed and end up like shit, other times games take decades to come out and are still shit. Duke nukes forever style but square enix used to be a company that released good games, I don't know what company it is anymore because it isn't the same.
Gamer1982  +   484d ago
Indeed what else is new?? SE Japan seem to have issues with modern game design. Back in the PS1 days they were pumping out a new game each year and all big hits PS2 era pretty much the same but soon as PS3/360 era they slowed riight down and seems like they are just not getting any better.. Modern games I get take more design and work but thats why other companies have increased staffing to cope with that. SE either hasn't got the staff or havn't got the experience.. Maybe they should also spend less times on tech demos and also scrapping a 5 year in the making FF game (versus) didn't help..

You can tell they were having issues when they made ff13-2 and ff13-3 on the exact same engine with only a tweaked battle with the same world/characters etc.. To get those games out quicker.. Still took longer than an assasins creed which at least gets a new place to visit and new characters..
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EXVirtual  +   484d ago
It's not in development hell though.Kitase's work is done. If they don't show up at TGS, then we can be worried.
Magicite  +   484d ago
Im pretty sure it has been put to a halt, no way they have been developing it since reveal or before.
elninels  +   484d ago
With what evidence are you "pretty sure it has been put to a halt"?
This is porbably their most in demand property right now. As a firm, would you halt its production?

And how are you sure there is "no way they have been developing it since reveal or before."?
Go on youtube and look up final fantasy versus xiii. It is the same game as FFXV, they didn't scrap what was done with it. They reworked it for this generation of consoles. So yes they'd been working on it; possibly since kingdom hearts 2 was finished in 2006.

As has been stated above square wants this to sell big so they are waiting on the install base to rise. I believe the number they wanted to sell was 20mil or some crazy some such.

So it may be a long time before we play the game. But it hasnt disappeared.
Sly-Lupin  +   484d ago
No, no. There are so many different versions of the game it can be confusing, but FFXV has only been in development for 2 years.

First there was the PS3 game. It was essentially finished, but SE decided to toss it asidenin favornofna new game, which was a musical. (Right after the Les Miserables movie came out). The musical game was in development for two years, then they decided to start development over from scratch again for a PS4.

See: its not development hell--its just SE doing what SE does best: not giving a fuck.
DragonKnight  +   484d ago
Ummm no.

Final Fantasy XV was never, at one point, a game that was tossed aside for a music game. Versus XIII was announced as part of a trilogy known as Fabula Nova Crystallis which was to include ONE Final Fantasy XIII game, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Square Enix decided to phone in Final Fantasy XIII, but it sold well due to expectations so they decided to go with a sequel to the game and pulled resources from Versus XIII to work on that and Final Fantasy XIV's Mulligan. Then, because they purposely designed Final Fantasy XIII-2 to have a cliffhanger ending they knew people would want resolved, they decided to bust out Lightning Returns and once again pulled resources from other projects to make sure that that got out.

Around that time Square-Enix decided that they'd be greedy. They knew they had a deal to have Versus XIII be a PS3 exclusive, so they skirted that by changing it to Final Fantasy XV, scrapping any direct association with with the XIII trilogy, and making it a multiplat, next gen title.

All of this happened over the span of 8 years.

We've been waiting for this game for 8 years, have barely been shown anything, and we were rewarded with the absolutely atrocious FFXIII trilogy, and the "ok until you realize it's just an MMO" Final Fantasy XIV.

This game is most definitely in development hell. Square-Enix are morons, and if they weren't morons then they'd know that people are either losing, or have already lost, any excitement for this game.
elninels  +   484d ago
Sly-lupin, dragonknight

What are you guys even saying? It seems you don't understand how firms work.

It also seems that you believe no one is excited for final fantasy XV. Don't mistake one's own feelings for that of everyone's feelings.
Sly-Lupin  +   483d ago
I was joking. Well, half joking. Guess it was more subtle than I thought.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   484d ago
Development hell what!? /s

But the best of luck to everybody @Square Enix!

I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3!
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DarkLord1003  +   484d ago
Almost first comment... you need to focus.. you're losing the battle...
tkato  +   484d ago
plot twist: it's for PS5
Ripsta7th  +   484d ago
Haha yeah most likely, and by that time we will have FF13-8
blackbeld  +   484d ago
Hahaha.. I can imagine that it will released on PS5.

Its been now a decade and still no FF15.
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filipakos  +   484d ago
By the time it comes out it wont be called ff15 i guess :P
Software_Lover  +   484d ago
Games are getting too complicated.
BattleN  +   484d ago
They could've made so much money had they just kept going turn based rpg! Dont understand there logic, great grafix terrible gameplay! :(
colonel179  +   484d ago
I disagree on that one! It has and improved Kingdom Hearts gameplay. Of course it's going to be great!
Godmars290  +   484d ago
If they had further developed narrative story and character development rather than pretentious styled nostalgia they could have had more than they do, which is a shrinking fanbase.

But because the first instance requires more effort, is a gamble rather than a certainty, they are what they are.

Which if sad at this point.
Godmars290  +   484d ago
To make.

That is the irony: Square is trying to go ultra detailed on graphics while making gameplay "accessible to a wide audience" meaning its so simple fans have to interject complexity into it.
Adrian_v01  +   484d ago
Because the turn based FFs were so difficult.
DragonKnight  +   484d ago
@Adrian_v01: They could be. What they lacked in "action based complexity" they made up for in strategic complexity.
Adrian_v01  +   484d ago

It wasn't really strategic. They might as well have inserted an auto button into the old ffs, cause pressing x is enough. The only strategy you needed was in boss battles.

I didn't like ff13's battle system, but objectively it was more difficult and had a better sense of strategy than the old turn based systems.
Spotie  +   484d ago
Honestly, not a whole lot of complexity in the old games, and those were my favorites. Hell, XIII had far more strategy involved in the average battle then anything without the name "Tactics" attached, but that game was labeled as "press X to win." Ironically, that's something I can do regularly in all the classics.

When are we gonna be fair about the depiction of Square-Enix's games? I mean, I admit they've made a TON of stupid mistakes. But no reason to misrepresent titles because you didn't like them.
Godmars290  +   484d ago
How do you "misrepresent something you don't like" when you don't like them for the very reason's you're supposedly misrepresenting?

The older games required plenty of tactics. Needing to use certain spells at certain times. Manipulating an enemies actions so that they hurt themselves instead of you party. The position of your party and their equipment.

Where Square really started to mess up was with the staged battles where you were expected to lose to advance the story. Getting to a certain point in a boss battle where the bosses gave "A Taste of My True Power!" just became a point where you beat them by all counts and they walked away as if bored.

That mess started with the Turks in FF7 too.
modesign  +   484d ago
lol ps4/xbone is actually easier to develope for than the predecessors. so your full of turds software lover
KNWS  +   484d ago
Microsoft to the rescue don't bet against it. Sony dumping its shares in this company could spur Microsoft into action. I hope they do, its a great game, be awesome on xb1.
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Eonjay  +   484d ago
I don't understand your comment.
Majin-vegeta  +   484d ago
God this never gets old.

Lol you act like SE in major trouble.
Nodoze  +   484d ago
Microsoft can have them! They are now almost totally irrelevant. Wada destroyed this company.
kingdom18  +   484d ago
Now why would MS waste that much money? JRPGs don't sell well on their consoles.
SpideySpeakz  +   484d ago
Stealth Troll.

Nice try at stirring the pot.
KNWS  +   484d ago
Why troll? Titanfall, for example almost never got made, only for Microsoft to step in and fund the development of the game.

You might not like it, but its better, to have it made, than it remain in limbo.,
filipakos  +   484d ago
and sony saved demons's souls,a project that was almost cancelled.Look where it is now,one the greatest rpgs in my opinion.Also i think EA saved titanfall not microsoft
Xsilver  +   484d ago
Well given that Sony Saved Square Enix in the Past

“The presidents of both companies had negotiation and resulted as everyone knew. We did not have argument. Since Sony once helped us, it was time we helped Sony back.”

i don't see Square turning on Sony :/
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   484d ago
Lmao no one is buying JRPG'S on a Xbox, that's just not gonna happen.

OT: Seems like that hold company is in "hell".
Eonjay  +   484d ago
Makes the Last Guardian look fine by comparison.
The game has a new name, a new console target and no release date. They are going for the record which I believe is still held by Duke Nukem.
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kingdom18  +   484d ago
Seems a little click bait. Claiming things already known and nothing new that wasn't already reported. If they don't have "ANYTHING" to show at TGS then I might start to get worried again.
Ripsta7th  +   484d ago
With them taking their sweet time, this game better exceed our expectations
DarkZane  +   484d ago
There is still Gamescom and TGS for new info.

My guess is they want to announce something major like a release date next and since the game is releasing in Japan first, the place to announce such thing would be Japan, the home country instead of an american expo which is now close to irrelevant.

Let's face it, E3 has dimished in importance for quite a few years and I think even Gamescom is more important now, especially since they mostly announce jrpg localizations there.
ISNeko  +   484d ago
Shame. First FF game in a long time that I was actually looking forward to.
Chard  +   484d ago
"FFXV seems to be in development hell"

Legendary-Status  +   484d ago
TLG FF15 KH3 lol smh..
segamon  +   484d ago
I feel that FFXV could be square-enix' "Final" fantasy for real as much as the original FF was at the time. if they didn't manage to pull this one I think they will lose most of their fan base probably for good and consequently bleed to death.

this company needs to seriously pull its shit together if it wants to survive let alone get back in the game that they once pioneered.
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deathtok  +   484d ago
Development hell? Maybe... but E3 didnt indicate that to me. Square Enix doesn't gain a lot by showing another trailer for FFXV without a release window.

They're likely holding back a second trailer so they can plan a marketing strategy and timing to capitalize on pre-orders.
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Kurisu  +   484d ago
I agree. Their main focus this E3 was Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which is going to be closer to release than Final Fantasy XV. Sure I want to play FFXV but I'm so happy that Type-0 is coming to PS4 that I'm willing to forgive the no-show. Been waiting for localisation for ages and the demo was great. They'll show FFXV when they're ready and there's plenty of other games to play in the mean time.
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MegaRay  +   484d ago
I think it was a dumb move by Square to make FF XV (or VS) because FF fans doesnt like it while the only ones who like it is KH fans so it would be better if they just made a KH game. If they did that we would have KHIII a long LONG time ago
ps360s  +   484d ago
I like it and want ffXV and I'm not a KH fan :/
elda  +   484d ago
S-E supposedly have started over with new higher ups to run the company but it still doing dumb things,such as not putting FF-TO on the Vita but instead on the PS4 & XBO if that's the case why not also on the PS3,XB-360,Wii-U & Vita knowing it would make more money.Far as FF-XV having development hell,I don't think that is the case,S-E basically showed something years before it's developing time knowing they didn't start working on the game till around 2010-2011 then scrapped it & started developing from the ground up on a new engine & hardware you can see the difference between the PS3 in game engine from the 2011 demo adverts to the now engine (PS4,XBO) in the 2013 demo adverts.Knowing there are no XBO's or many PS4's being sold in Japan now this game probably won't get a release date till 2016-2017,KH3-2017-2018.People that want this game asap such as myself may not agree but reality points in that direction that we still won't see this game releasing till another 2 to 3 years.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   484d ago
Nah its fine I'm sure
johny5  +   484d ago
They may be trying to aim for the quality seen in first three Final Fantasy games on the PS1?

That could damn well be impossible if Square can't find out what makes those games so special in the first place!
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mochachino  +   484d ago
In terms of FF15, I hope things are going well. Everything I've seen so far looks amazing.
Jahbu  +   484d ago
Anyone who believes this must be a new fan of Square.

They are the Kings of making you wait years to play their game. Look at Birth by Sleep for example...the first trailer came out in 2005 but that actually game came out in 2010.

Square doesn't put time limits on themselves. They just release games when they feel they're truly ready.
NixonMonoxide  +   484d ago
Development hell. That's one hell of an understatement.
ShiranaiJittai  +   483d ago
Misleading title! It says nothing about Final Fantasy XV being in development hell your title is frankly fraudulent. Unacceptable.

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