Grezzo seeking new staffers, asks: “Would you like to make a ‘legend’ with us?”

Grezzo, the developer behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, has put up a couple of new job listings.

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Geobros1525d ago

Wow!!! Grezzo made remake of Ocarina 3D, right? So....its time for Majora?

Randostar1525d ago

I would be so happy.
Ocarina 3D was why i bought my 3ds.

3-4-51525d ago


* It's already been in the making for a while and now they are hiring more to help the game be made faster.

* The want is there, I think they are trying to take advantage of that and get this game out ASAP.

Would be crazy if it was for Wii U though instead.

BlackWolf1525d ago

Don't play with my heart... please...

Number-Nine1525d ago

I dont know anything about making a game but im down :)

windwardmist1525d ago

Majora's mask! on 3ds make it happen

linkenski1525d ago

It's either Majoras Mask for 3DS or an entirely new Zelda so it's win-win!

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