Shadow in Sonic Boom? Interview with Sonic Boom 3DS' Lead Designer

Over the course of E3 I was lucky enough to meet with the 3DS version of Sonic Boom’s lead designer, Mat Kraemer from Sanzaru Games Inc. Over the course of the interview Mat talks about the new elements of the game, the story and what we can expect from the 3DS version. I tried prying for some additional information if we’re going to see the return of some characters such as Shadow the Hedgehog or Metal Sonic and while he did not confirm their return, his reaction was coy.

Mat further talks about their experience of building a game with 3 studios (Sanzaru Games, Big Red Button, Sonic Team), what collectibles will be available and finally what his own favorite Sonic Game is.

Being a big Sonic fan myself, I was excited to try the 3DS demo. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game plays like an evolved form of the Genesis era Sonic games with similar physics and an added touch of Metroid.

Sonic Boom for 3DS will be available this coming November.

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