Pre-Order Fifa 15: Ultimate Team Edition & Get Messi

Pixel Gate writes

''In what seems like the ultimate method to mess up Ultimate Team, EA have promised Messi (one of the best players in the world/games) to everyone who preorders Fifa 15: Ultimate Team Edition. Players will have Messi in their team for five games, allowing them to have a huge advantage from day one.

The bonus is yet another sign of EA willing to ruin their games in order to grab a quick buck/pound or two.''

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djplonker1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


You get him for 5 games not forever like this article's title suggests!

GamerEuphoria1641d ago

You tried fitting that into a title that doesn't take up too much room? Nope, thought not.

djplonker1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Pre-order fifa 15: UT edition and TEMPORALLY get messi


GamerEuphoria1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

If you going to try and act smart, least have the deceny not to put '....' It's not even correct.

Also, go to the approval part in future if its a issue you care so deeply about. Heck if you can be bother to post over 1000 comments I'm sure you'd enjoy the reporting/approval process.

ocelot071641d ago

Pre Order: FIFA 15 UT Edition & Get 5 match Messi

GamerEuphoria1641d ago

If its such a issue, start checking the approvals section. Post was approved, simple.

ocelot071641d ago

Not a massive issue but the title does seem to suggest you get messi forever. I just took up the challenge of making a shorter title.

GamerEuphoria1640d ago

What would be the point in stating all the info in the title though? This isn't twitter!

ocelot071640d ago

Because the way you put it looks a it like click bait to me. When I first saw your title I thought wait what so everyone who pre orders gets one of the best players on the game that is stupid. I then click and find out it is only for 5 matches.

iistuii1641d ago

I've never purchased a gold pack with real money & have never got Messi or any top player in a gold pack in all the years I've played it. I begin to wonder if earned packs have any big stars in them. So as I always buy Fifa, I'd like Messi for 5 games...

ocelot071641d ago

I admit I have spent about £20 on packs since I got the game in November. But I did get Ronaldo in a 50k pack using coins (not fifa points). I also got TOS Gevinho and Pogba in same pack in a 50k special pack.

I don't bother with 5k or 7k packs. I just go for the special ones.

iistuii1641d ago

Oh right. So at least you do get top players in packs without paying for them. I've played it since the very first FUT & have never got anyone. I usually buy mine on the transfer market, but never can afford the top players.. Addictive fun though.

ocelot071641d ago

@iistuii It is very addictive. It is why I have stopped spending real money on it as I would be skint of I continued.