Nintendo at E3: A comeback is always just a game away

"Most of the games Nintendo announced at E3 this year are due at unspecified dates in 2015. This is bad news for any Wii U owners who were hoping for a flood of games to fill the gap between Mario Kart 8 and the new Smash Bros. game at the end of the year, though the Wii U-exclusive Bayonetta 2 bundle in October may ease the pain for fans of its over-the-top action.

If you want to know how serious Nintendo is about turning the Wii U around, though, remember that every single one of the announcements at its Digital Event was about a new Wii U game. Most of those games won't actually come out until 2015 (which is a whole other problem) but Nintendo's energies are now focused entirely on shoring up the Wii U and building some positive momentum."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1644d ago

The fact that they've got at least four games, if not more, coming out this year instead of next, is a really good thing for their momentum efforts.
It might not be high-profile due to being an experiment, but Hyrule Warriors is sure to move a few units, and Bayonetta 2, due largely in part to its notoriety as the exclusive sequel to a former multiplat[and all the press and attention that has garnered], has definitely risen up the ranks to become a high-profile release for Nintendo.[especially since they don't have many other action-adventure hack&slashers like it planned for the near future, as far as we know, outside of HW and Devil's Third]

Of course, having Smash Bros 3DS this october and Wii U this holiday is also a good thing for them.
I wish Splatoon was coming out sooner, though, but for the sake of polishing it up and adding tons of new modes and options, I'll wait patiently.

eyeofcore1644d ago

I assume that Devil's Third is going to be this year since last thing we heard of it before release that it was 80% complete and that it is projected to be released this year and that is good even thought I think it should be rather next year since other games this holiday will surely steal its thunder and giving it a polish or two is not a bad thing.

I reckon that a good chunk of games for 2013 will be released in first and second quarter of 2015, I would not be surprised if Xenoblade Chroinicles X gets released in March as Nintendo's 2014 fiscap report(from March 2014 to March 2015) has Monolith Soft for its fiscal release world wide.

Shin Megami Tensei will surely be released by end of 2015 at latest and Miyamoto is set to finish and release Star Fox in 2015 and we have 3 rumored exclusives that could be Ni-oh from Tecmo Koei, Cry On from Mistwalker and Shadow Of Eternals is a candidate since it is on Cry Engine 3 and Wii U supports it so BigRedButton team could be hired to aid porting the game to Wii U after they finish development of Sonic Boom that is being released this November.

Anyway Hyrule Warriors is in 9th month, Bayonetta 2 is in 10th month and Sonic Boom is in 11th month so its 3 exclusives in a row and Smash Bros could release in 11th or early 12th month. That should be enough to continue, increase and then maintain momentum and with recent very positive feedback from mainstream media and consumers the Wii U will have a very good Q3/Q4 and will maintain a lead over Xbox One(No offense Microsoft fans, but you have Windows so it already tops practically entire console market)and since Sony does not have exclusives that will really appeal to Japanese market in Q3/Q4 compared to Nintendo the Wii U will continue to outsell PlayStation 4 there as it does for three weeks in a row now.

I wonder what NPD results will be tommorow/on monday.

Don't hate me, just being factual.

marloc_x1644d ago

Bubble for being factual:)

The_Truth_24_71644d ago

Seeing as they have none in the pipeline, there is no comeback.

3-4-51644d ago

What do you mean truth24_7?

You seriously think Nintendo has NO games in the"pipeline" ?

Did you miss E3 or something ?

BlackWolf1644d ago

No, he's ignoring it. Nintendo's, at the very least.

Talidan1644d ago

It's going to take some serious effort, though.

As much as I love Nintendo and their games, they need to be sure to understand that the general gaming audience has changed.

Casual gamers are not as casual as they used to be, thanks to the rise of Call of Duty and similar games.

I hope they can pull themselves up because I've been considering a Wii U...

iamnsuperman1644d ago

I think they need to make more games with broad appeal. What they do right now is make Nintendo games for the Nintendo faithful or family oriented games (the later is a hard market since the rise of mobile gaming). That is okay for the faithful but none of their games have that broad appeal/mass market type of of appeal. This will always stunt Nintendo's chance of making a "comeback". Their competitors make those games but also they don't need to since those game already appear on their system thanks to the third party.

eyeofcore1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I guess you didn't watch Nintendo Digital Event nor Treehouse @ Live E3 and what you just said is what Nintendo has been doing and has announced.

Here are games for casuals for Wii U in 2014;
Mario Kart 8)already released)
Disney Infinity 2.0
Just Dance 2015
Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric(aimed at casuals)
Skylanders Trap Team
Pac-Man and Ghostly Adventures 2
How To Train Your Dragon 2(already released)
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Super SMash Bros Wii U

There is enough material for families and casuals on Nintendo's Wii U.

But of course trolls will click disagree without doing any research and be in denial about the facts also bash anyone that is being positive when comes to NIntendo.

Just plain old griefing and confirmation bias, no democracy in here in away.

Edit: Call Of DUty Advanced Warfare also might come since again there was in net code Wii U logo and code like it did with Black Ops 2 and Ghost so I would not be surprised if it happens again.

iamnsuperman1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I completely disagree with you and your examples highlight the issue I just raised. The family support is good as Disney and Skylanders are popular but the rest appeals to the Nintendo faithful not the mass market (look at what games were really popular from last year). This is where Nintendo struggles because they don't get the third party support to help them. They need to do this themselves

Talidan1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

That's great and all, but those are not for the mainstream gamers of today.

When the Wii first came out, those would have been some great system sellers, but they're mostly for kids now. Even then, many kids are into darker games on XB1 or PS4 now.

Nintendo excelled last gen by catering almost exclusively to families, but the landscape has changed since then and sales reflect that.

Microsoft didn't see this at the beginning of this new gen and attempted to cater to Nintendo's classic type of crowd. It didn't work.

They're having an easier time coming back from that, but Nintendo has always seemed pretty rooted in its ways. There were a couple great announcements that make up for it for some gamers, like myself, but the mainstream crowd will continue to go for the more "mature-seeming" offerings on other systems.

EDIT:(Also, so you know, I don't click "disagree" ever. It just seems petty to me to do such a thing.)

Summons751644d ago

But Call of Duty is nearly the definition of Casual Crap in the category things we do not need in our industry. NIntendo has a bunch of games line up that can appeal to anyone. Families, adults, kids, friends...

Nintendo is on a roll right now and it's only going to get better.

Talidan1644d ago

I despise Call of Duty, but it can't be denied that the franchise is responsible for a major shift in general game appeal.

I'm not saying Nintendo needs to come out with violent shooters and war games, but they do need to understand that they're pitching to a different kind of crowd. This E3 shows they're taking a step in the right direction, but it will take more than what they've announced and I'm sure they have plenty unannounced to offer soon. They're a smart company.

slivery1644d ago

"Casual gamers are not as casual as they used to be, thanks to the rise of Call of Duty and similar games."

Call of Duty has been the most casual FPS in the world since Modern Warfare came out. So I have no idea what you mean exactly, that is why the game is so popular because mainly any person can be good at it now because it is so casual.

You know the game is casual when you can go around asking people who don't even play games in general or really care about them, what games they like. They will say Call of Duty 90% of the time.

eyeofcore1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

@iamnsuperman @talidan

Why would Nintendo games be only for Nintendo faithful/fans? Can you care to explain it to me as I remember that Nintendo makes these games for families and fans that like those kind of games.

I can't believe how you two are being ignorant and in denial, Nintendo games are attractive, they are colorful, fun and easy to play for most part and Nintendo has that image and sadly stigma because you think it is for kids that you guys have on Nintendo yet you contradict yourself when you say that it needs games for families when they are making those kind of games all along and because Nintendo has faithful fans then all of the sudden games that Nintendo makes are "only" for Nintendo fans which is not true and is factually wrong yet of course people like you will twist and put of out context the truth also side step then you will ignore what you said thus contradict yourself like your reply to me Iamnsuperman is contradicting your previous post/comment so how can I take you seriously? Tell me how when your logic is broken as such is your reasnoning plus you contradict yourself like fanboys usually do.

No matter what I say trolls and griefers will disagree against facts, logic, reasnoning and the truth its self as they have a confirmation bias and only want to see whatthey want to see and there is no curing that. Its practically a mental illness that normally doctors at least in Europe would have try to cure that as it is an mental disorder.

You guys sometimes don't even act human and don't watch what are you claiming nor writing.

The games are there and things are slowly but surely changing and denying that won't deny that fact and with some research on your own you can find out/learn that under the condition that you set aside your confirmation bias and agenda.

But hey, freely disagree and prove me right you animals, I guess you love opinion of the many allow yourself be assimilated rather than being independent like we humans should be so. But no, you keep failing as always. #Rant