Why Gaming Insiders Should Just Stop

Since the dawn of privatised information, there have been a few select, privileged members of the outside world whom are permitted glimpses and whispers of unfinished products within a much larger company. Or in the video game industry's case, not so few. These people are known as 'insiders'. And they need to get out.

The recent cases of IGN's "The Last Guardian" debacle and insider Thuway's E3 dethroning, it's apparent now more than ever that insiders do more harm than good to the gaming industry.

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gamer11381640d ago

Good article and I'm inclined to agree with most of the points. One thing I will say is MS E3 conference was criticised for a lack of surprises...well that's because it pretty much all got leaked before hand by insiders. Also, that recent bitch slap that Thuway got from Naughty Dog pretty much confirms he/his "sources" are incredibly unreliable and he should not be listened to. It does need to stop but I've said it before, Gamers are so hungry for information on their favourite/latest games it kind of breeds this need for insiders. Whether they are right or wrong.

aconnellan1640d ago

I know exactly what you mean, we went in knowing a surprising amount about the games that they showed, and that was actually quite annoying

demonddel1640d ago

Microsoft and Sony probably change their line ups because of the leaks just maybe they have more than what they are showing

gamer11381640d ago

Yeah. God of War IV was heavily rumoured to be revealed yet we saw nothing. Maybe Gamescom? We already know that's where Microsoft is going to show off Quantum Break. SO EXICTED for that game! Loved Alan Wake.

Darkstares1640d ago

Hey everyone, I heard a rumor for next years E3. Sony is going to demo the new Uncharted game, Microsoft is going to show off Halo 5, and Nintendo will show more on Zelda.

Wow, look at me. I know everything.

3-4-51640d ago

People are too obsessed with being " The First" to announce something, as if it makes them cool or something.

As if everyone in the world will give them things and like them more if they just tell's pathetic

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GodGinrai1640d ago

Agreed. All they actually do is ruin the surprises.

iamnsuperman1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

It is clickbait. Which is why 9 times out of 10 the "insider" is a bad source of information as anything these days tends to get posted with little effort being made to validate the source.

Should they go though? No (it is still news and we are not children; we don't need to be surprised just impressed with what they show which can be done through leaks) but the websites should bother to check the validity of their sources. At the end of the day your own credibility is at stake (look at IGN, they made a huge blunder).

Emanno1640d ago

The other question is how to get rid of insiders ?

Software_Lover1640d ago

You hold small meeting groups and tell each group different information. You don't tell coders what game they are working on or name the game something different to throw them off. There are a lot of ways to either weed the leakers out or give out false info.

knifefight1640d ago

We stop clicking every single article about what an insider said.

It sells -- it creates a huge fuss. The appeal to leak, and the appeal for websites to post the leak (no matter how credible) is high. The masses forgive too easily and continue to click, click, take that clickbait.

You see "insider" in a headline? Just don't click it. Take away the incentive.

BX811640d ago

Stop clicking on the articles and CEOs keep calling them out.

gamerfan09091640d ago

They're wrong a lot but it never gets posted. Literally Thuway, Tidux, and especially that idiot Mistermediax were wrong about 70 percent of the time on their E3 predictions. The problem I have is when people quote these guys when all they make is educated guesses mixed in with a lot of wrong predictions and a lot of obvious predictions.

SuperBlunt1640d ago

shinobi is very reliable but thats it

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