Splatoon will feature full voice chat

"At Nintendo’s E3 conference, one of the larger game reveals was Splatoon. We saw a trailer for the game, as well as lots of gameplay broadcast on the Nintendo Treehouse stream."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

Oh really now?!
That's good news indeed!
I mean, yeah, it's a bit late and they REALLY should have done it with Mario Kart, but better than never doing it at all.
Good job catching up, Nintendo; now just keep that ball rolling and keep implementing the standard stuff we all expect out of our games, and the Wii U will be doing just fine in no time.^_^

Salamander1641d ago

This is good news, but i am glad that mario kart has no voice chat. The amount of raw hatred i express having my 1st place taken away coz of a last second blue shell makes me cringe.

eyeofcore1641d ago

Mario Kart 8 not having voice chat with strangers and in race is a smart move, you don't want to be distracted or annoyed by anyone and voice chat is not resource free as it would have ate download and upload bandwidth and increase the lag :P

Except if you have above average download and upload speed.

Darkstares1641d ago

Sounds like damage control if I ever heard it. Yes, let's give Nintendo full control on how we should play games online because clearly we are unable to turn off voice chat ourselves if we don't want to talk to strangers. Plus your whole bandwidth issues related to voice chat is a ridiculous claim since we already play hundreds if not thousands of games online on other platforms with no real issues.

This being news shows how far behind Nintendo still is within the world of online gaming.

iamnsuperman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Is it really a smart move? Surely a smarter move would be to have a toggle switch like Darkstares mentions. Also the bandwidth argument is lazy at best (voice chat increasing lag? So how come other developers can get round this).

Come on. It was backward thinking on Nintendo's part. I am glad they have thought about it for this (mentioned in the article) game (also Darkstares makes a valid point about how this is now big news, this should be standard)

3-4-51641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

* If your talking, your taking brainpower away from thinking, hence making you more vulnerable to getting countered in some way, because your not as focused as you could be.

I "get" voice chat, for enemy spotting and tactics, but it's hardly ever used for that.

If 1 Million people are playing, only about 5,000 are actually using the mic in a way that helps them do better.

Voice chat is ok, but it's overrated.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1641d ago

There a reason for no Full Voice Chat.

Highlights Replays records sounds if it allowed voice chat fully at all time online.Players will most likely share it on miiverse or whatever and if someone is using bad language. Well Miiverse moderators strikes.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

You both make fair points; I was just trying to see it from the perspective of people who are used to being able to chat regardless of the mode they play in, that's all.

eyeofcore1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Since when being factual is damage control and I think you assume that it is damage because you think I am a Nintendo fan even thought ironically I don't own any game nor platform from NIntendo nor I have experienced it and why is ridicilous to claim something factual?

Do you have against a game company having a control over how their game is being designed? Why don't you complain to Activion and EA for not being able to communicate with opposing team? Oh yea, you don't care.. Double standards.

How is my claim ridiculous? It has nothing to do with availability of voice chat in games, it is about bandwidth and not game options when I said bandwidth and you don't understand thus you disagree because you don't do research. Voice chat is not bandwidth free and it is more intensive than sending data packages that contain cordinates and our actions that we execute every 0.1 seconds.

To have a decent/okay audio chat you need at least 0.20Mbps upload without including sending data packages for your characters actions, locations, etc...Its kinda hard to explain it to you since enlgish is not my primary language.

I can't blame you for being ignorant and not even trying to do some research.


Great, now you misunderstood me and you haven't done your schoolwork, do you seriously think that Voice Chat is bandwidth free? It is not and developers can do so little to improve what they can improve in net code and audio format compression.

If you have a 0.5Mbps upload and you are from middle to eastern europe then you will have 1.5 to 2 second lag depending on a game and if voice chat for example consumes 0.2Mbps of upload then it will rise to 2.5-3.5 as there are less packages/upload bandwidth available to send relevant data such as players location and actions and their status.

That is what I am talking about and people that clicked disagree clicked it because they thought it was BS while it is an actual fact and you can ask any developer and they will confirm it in a similar way like I did.

Developer can't magically make an audio format that is very resource efficient when comes to bandwidth. You can set what quality of audio you want to increase or decrease needed bandwidth yet you could set it to 5KB per second and have such a atrocious quality that people would only hear a buzzing sound probably and no actual words.

eferreira1641d ago

Splatoon does not look like my type of game. But it's good to finally see nintendo games with full voice chat.

live2play1641d ago

Im sorry you dont like fun games :(