Most Durable Fix For DualShock 4 Thumbsticks Tear Issue, Aluminium Bullet Buttons/Thumsticks for $13

Are you guys facing "DualShock 4" thumbsticks wearing/tearing off quickly issue? replacing it with plastic thumsticks were the best possible solution available for PS4 owners but here is most durable solution, "Metal Silver Bullet Buttons plus Thumbsticks for DualShock 4 controller"

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MeteorPanda1641d ago

l've actually got no problem with my ps4 sticks..what on earth are people doing t their controllers??

djplonker1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I took my ps4 to my girlfriends house last christmas and somehow the console ended up on top of my controller in my bag and it messed the left thumbstick up bad.... totally my fault though XD

shivvy241641d ago

i have 2 controllers since launch, one is perfect and the other started to tear within the first hour of playing.

Detoxx1641d ago

That's what I've been saying to untill a month ago. All the sudden, my left thumbstick started tearing.

Rockefellow1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Same here. I doubted the people saying their thumbsticks were tearing, and questioned how rough they were with their controller if it was actually happening... And then I felt a slight "bump" on my left analog stick, and it's only gotten worse over the past few weeks. I'm a launch PS4 owner, but still, it hasn't lasted very long all things considered.

RebelWAC1641d ago

Yup. I put myself in the same predicament and jinxed myself.

Me and big mouth will never learn..

AgentSmithPS41641d ago

My left stick rubber is rotting off and my right looks good. I play bf4 a lot, it's the run button.

InTheLab1641d ago

They're just poorly made. I still have my NES controller in top shape as I clean all 19 of my consoles and handhelds every few months..

The DS2 still looks new after 12 years of gaming on it.

My Ds4 just has terrible thumbsticks. It's ok to admit it. Both controllers have the tearing issue and I'm playing alone. If you play a lot of shooters and hold down the left stick for movement, chances are your Ds4 looks like hell.

So it's not people being irresponsible with their controllers. Sony clearly didn't do any QA with the Ds4.


And they're uncomfortable too. I still say the xbox one controllers beat out sonys by a large margin.

Clown_Syndr0me1641d ago

To be honest the DS4 should have been more durable in the first place. My first thumb stick ripped within 2 weeks.

But I found an easy solution, cheap too. I ordered ORB thumbstick protectors from Amazon for £3. Theyre great, had them months and haven't worn down at all, they stay on nicely and also makes the thumbsticks slightly raised and larger which I prefer.

RebelWAC1641d ago

Thanks for the tip man.

NexGen1641d ago

I use those as well on my old 360 controller. Those never ripped, they just wore down to the plastic after 7 years of use.

The other pair is being saved for when/if my ds4 rips.

Clown_Syndr0me1641d ago

They can get a little slippy with sweaty thumbs, but I find them alright. The concave ones that is, I don't like the other ones.

listenkids1641d ago

Or buy some xbox one sticks for a third of the cost?

djplonker1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Why would anyone do that?

the dual shock 4 is the best controller this gen!

listenkids1641d ago

Its a great pad, but if you play fps or games like fifa regularly you'll find yourself with flayed rubber, a problem for a large percentage of ps users. Using xbox one sticks is my fix, a hell of a lot better than these metal sticks or 90% of the stick on grips.

SpideySpeakz1641d ago

Right. For some reason, the DS4 felt more comfortable in my hand than the X1 controller.
I believe it's the back grip on the DS4, it fits in my hand like a missing puzzle piece, while the X1 feels all slippery and put strain on the palms.
The only thing wrong with the DS4 is those cheap ugly thumbsticks.

Whitefeather1641d ago

Can we stop the articles that are from reddit threads?

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